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CrowdComms Video Breakout


Our Video Breakout feature has had a makeover and has benefitted from improved functionality. The latest version will handle up to fifty users in one session, allowing you to host large meetings easily. 

A new toggle has also appeared in the CMS Dashboard, allowing you to embed this feature into your session, and ensures that all of your chat, polls and Q&A functionality is still available.

Using the same feature, your delegates can also arrange large group meetings using the Meeting Booking feature, which will handle up to fifty participants in one call.

CMS Setup to Embed the Video Breakout Feature into the Agenda Sessions
  1. To apply the Video Breakout feature to your Agenda Sessions, you will need to log in to your CrowdComms Content Management System (CMS) Dashboard and input your details.
  2. Upon successful login, select the Event App where you would like Video Breakout to be added to your Agenda Sessions.
  3. Then Navigate to ‘Builder’ from the left-hand menu. 
  4. If you already have an Agenda Module created, select the correct one from the list of existing modules, which will appear as an option in the secondary menu to the right.   
  5. If you do not have an Agenda Module set up, click here to learn how to set up a new Agenda Module. 
  6. On your chosen Agenda Module page, click on the ‘+’ icon at the top of the page to add a session. If you have an existing session(s) created within your Agenda Module, click on the pencil icon to edit the session. 
  7. If you are adding a new session, a pop-up modal will appear where you are prompted to add; Session Title, Session Subtitle, Start Date & Time and End Date & Time.
  8. Click ‘Save’ once these fields have been populated. 
  9. You will then be transported to the ‘Edit Session’ page where you will populate the tabs with the relevant session information. 
  10. To add Video Breakouts to the session, click on the ‘Embed’ tab and navigate to the ‘CrowdComms breakout meeting’ tile. 
  11. On the tile, you will see a toggle that you can switch on to add the Video Breakout feature to the session.
  12. Underneath that, you will be able to see two options, where you can either embed the feature into the session or open the feature on a new tab. 
  13. Embedding the session will enable you to add the Engagement Panel to the session page and allows your delegates to utilise the chat, Q&A, Feedback and Live Polling features whilst in the Video Breakout room within your session. 
  14. Please note that the Video Breakout feature cannot be used at the same time as the Zoom meetings or webinars.
  15. Once you are happy with your setup, click ‘Save’.
Grid View 

Grid view.png

Speaker View

Speaker view.png

Video Breakouts in Agenda Sessions (Embedded) 

Video Breakouts in Agenda Sessions (New Tab)

Video Breakouts in Group Meeting