Live Streaming Assets

You can use the below as a checklist of all the assets we need you to provide to make sure your event looks and sounds great. These can be uploaded to the SharePoint folder as soon as they are ready, and a minimum of five working days prior to the start of your event.  

All scene assets should be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 landscape). 

The Poster 


Live Stream Background Scene 

The live stream presents an excellent opportunity for creativity and branding but remember that large areas will be covered by speakers and screenshare.  

Below are two examples of how to manage the visible areas. You have 288 pixels (this is the optimum visible area to maximise the view of the live stream) to play with and you can split them as you please across the top, bottom or a combination of both.   



Holding Scene – The Start 

Five minutes before the session is due to start, the technician will begin the live stream with a holding image and music. Please see below for an example: 


Technical Difficulties Scene 

We’re sure your event will go off without a hitch but it’s always best to be prepared! Please provide an image which our stream techs can put to screen in the unlikely event that a speaker loses connection or there is a problem with the stream. Please see below for an example:  


Holding Scene – The End 

Once the live stream has finished, your Live Stream Technician will transition to a holding slide and music. You may want to use this as an opportunity to invite your audience to give feedback, encourage them to head to the next session or thank them for their participation. Please see below for an example:  


Background Music for Holding Scenes 

Please let your Production Manager know what music you would like to play whilst the holding image is displayed before the live stream is due to start. You can find a comprehensive library of royalty-free music to choose from here 


To ensure the highest quality, any video files should be uploaded to the Live Stream Assets folder in SharePoint. All videos will be played locally by the Live Stream Technician.  

Lower Thirds 

Our stream technicians will be happy to create lower thirds for your event. These are animated graphics which introduce the speakers and usually appear underneath their video to show their name, position and company. Please see below for an example: 


If you would like lower thirds created for your event, please complete the Lower Thirds template spreadsheet, which you can find in the Live Stream folder in your SharePoint file. Please note that this template must be completed a minimum of five working days prior to your event to allow enough time for them to be created.   

Stinger Transition 

A transition is an animation which is used when changing from one scene to another. A stinger transition, sometimes referred to as an ‘ident’, is a dynamic option that replaces the traditional fade in/fade out or cut transitions with a branded animation. Please see below for an example:  


Please provide the below assets for us to create lower thirds and stingers for your event:  


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