Meeting Booking

Get your meetings booked in, plan your time and make the most of every networking opportunity. Whether you’re organising a virtual, hybrid or in-person event, being able to easily book in meetings and allow attendees to work independently will maximise engagement and efficiency during a hectic event schedule. By utilising the CrowdComms Meeting Booking feature, attendees can book and attend meetings with other delegates, exhibitors or event organisers, either virtually within the event platform or in-person at a designated physical space at the event. There’s no need to negotiate times or places when using Meeting Booking; each individual sets their availability and location, enabling potential contacts to choose from a selection of time slots. With one click, the meeting is arranged and in the diary! We’ve set out a user guide below on how your delegates can use this feature in your Event App. If at any time you require further support or assistance, please get in touch with your CrowdComms’ Account Manager or Support Specialist, who will be happy to guide you through the process. Content: 1. Enabling Meeting Booking 2. Setting up Meeting Booking on the Dashboard (CMS) 3. Logging in to the Event App and setting up your privacy preferences 4. Managing personal meeting availability 5. Creating a meeting with another delegate 6. Creating a meeting with a sponsor or an exhibitor 7. Accepting and declining meetings 8. Viewing upcoming and completed meetings 9. Joining a virtual meeting and virtual meetings in-progress 10. Alerts and email notifications 11. Amending a meeting

1. Enabling Meeting Booking

Please contact your CrowdComms’ Account Manager if you would like Meeting Booking (Beta) feature to be enabled on your Event App.

2. Setting up Meeting Booking on the Dashboard (CMS)

1. Log into your CrowdComms dashboard (CMS) and input your details.

2. Select the Event App on which you would like Meeting Booking to be set up.

3. Click ‘Features’ on the left-hand menu, then click on ‘Meetings,’ which will appear as an option in the secondary menu to the right and you will see the Meeting Settings page.

4. On this page you can:

a. Choose your meeting options – You have the option to enable physical-only or virtual-only meetings or both.

b. Smart Sessions toggle – You can choose to enable a Smart Sessions room to be an option for a virtual meeting location.

c. Set the meeting start and end times – This timing will be relative to the time zone of your app.

d. Set the maximum meeting length – You have the option of 10, 20, 30 minutes or unlimited time.

e. Add meeting locations – Type the name of the location and click ‘Add’. These locations will be available as options on your Event App for your delegates to select.

f. Edit and delete location(s) – You can amend or delete meeting locations. Note: You cannot amend or delete the location if your delegates have already selected them on your Event App.

g. Set up group privacy – You have the option to decide which People’s Group can access the Meeting feature.

5. Click ‘Save’

Meeting Booking updated (CMS).png

3. Logging in to the Event App and setting up your privacy preferences

1. Firstly, log in to your Event App and input your login details.

2. If this is the first time you have logged in to this app, you will see the Privacy Settings preference pop-up giving you the following options:

a. Make your profile visible on the App – The default is set to ‘visible’. If you don’t want others to see your profile, you will need to uncheck this box.

b. Make yourself available for Chat Messaging – Check this box if you want to send and receive private messages with other delegates within the platform.

c. Make yourself available for Video Meetings – Check this box if you want other delegates within the platform to be able to invite you to a private video call without having to first send a meeting invite. 

d. Make yourself available for meeting booking – Check this box if you would like other delegates within the platform to be able to book meetings with you. If you uncheck this option, you won’t be able to send or receive meeting invites.

e. Make yourself available for Business Card Exchanges – Check this box to allow you to create a virtual business card and swap contact information with other delegates and companies.

3. If this isn’t the first time you have logged in to this app, you can still amend the settings mentioned in step (2). You can do this by clicking on the right-hand menu and navigating to Account Settings, which appears as an option on the menu.

4. On the Account Settings page, click on the ‘Settings’ button to change your privacy settings. A pop-up module will appear, and you can amend your preferences here.