Page Builder (previously HTML module)

The CrowdComms home page builder offers customisable HTML home pages with no code needed! You can choose from six fully responsive design templates with at least two variations on each theme (that’s 14 different ways to start your home page design!). From there, it’s as simple as changing the text, swapping the logo and images, and adding a few links. Build pages for any device in minutes to launch your Event App with a custom design - and if you’re looking to get closer to your brand guidelines, you can also jump into the page HTML and CSS to change the code. Content 1. Choosing a Template 2. Building Your Page 3. Template Types

1. Choosing a Template

1.    First, you will need to log into your CrowdComms dashboard (CMS) and input your details. 

2.    Upon successful login, select the Event App where you want your Home Page to be created.

3.    Then click on ‘Builder’ from the left-hand menu. 

4.    You will then see the Module tile selection screen appear. Click on the ‘Page Builder’ option. 

5.    A pop-up will appear, which will enable you to rename the module. 

6.    You will then see nine templates for you to choose from. Each template consists of additional variations to give you even more flexibility over your App design. 

7.    These templates can be broken down into two categories; Home Page templates and Content Page templates.

8.    The templates that are on offer are:

a.    Geneva - Home
b.    California - Home
c.    Sahara - Content
d.    Monsoon - Content
e.    Cornucopia - Home
f.    Iconic - Home
g.    Rio - Home
h.    Dixie - Home
i.    Workspace - Home

9.    If you hover over each template, you can click on the ‘Preview this template’ button to see a quick view of your chosen template design before committing to it.

10.    Once you’ve chosen a template and are ready to start building your page, click on the ‘Build using this template’ button.



2. Building Your Page

1.   Once you’ve clicked on the ‘Build using this template’ button, you will be taken to another page where you will be able to see the live preview of your build on a mobile device. 

2.    Currently, you won’t be able to see the live preview on a desktop. However, if you open your App in another tab, you’ll be able to preview your page. To start building, click on ‘Open Page Editor’.

3.    Each template contains different input types, in some, such as Geneva and Rio, you can add videos and on Dixie, you’ll be able to add your sponsor’s logo.

4.    Depending on the templates, below is the list of components that you can add to your page:

a.    Content - small blocks of text
b.    Long content - longer blocks of text that support multiple lines
c.    Text colour picker 
d.    Images – background, header & widget
e.    Linked video from Video Library
f.     Background video - embedded from an external link
g.    Icons
h.    Date & time - for a countdown timer
i.     Call to action (CTA) and Widgets
j.     Sponsor’s logo
k.    Tags
l.     Custom CSS 

5.    Once you’re happy with your design, don’t forget to click ‘Save Template’.