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Video-On-Demand Streaming Service

Are you looking for an elegant, responsive, and ultra-organised way to display on-demand video content for your attendees to access throughout your event?

The innovative CrowdComms Video-On-Demand Streaming Service brings the functionality and familiarity of video streaming technology alongside real-time session viewing to provide users with an engaging and accessible content hub.

The flexibility of choosing between two distinct library options, either single scrolling with a main hero video or a more curated tiled option, allows you to organise and feature videos precisely as you need to. Both formats are designed to promote attendee engagement and provide a high-quality user experience. As attendees interact with the library’s media through views and likes, this is reflected in the thumbnails, highlighting popularity and promoting discussion.

The CrowdComms Video-On-Demand Streaming Service will add a whole new level of intuitive navigation to your event, with easily discoverable content, the ability for attendees to engage and the potential for longevity of content after the event has concluded.

To get you up and running, we’ve set out the set-up and installation guidelines below. If at any time you require further support or assistance, please get in touch with your CrowdComms’ Account Manager or Support Specialist, who will be happy to guide you through the process.