7. Creating a meeting with an exhibitor or a sponsor

[This enables you to arrange a meeting with the event’s sponsors or exhibitors within this Event App]

1. There are also two ways to create a meeting with an exhibitor or a sponsor within your Event App.

2. You can either:

a. Go via the right-hand menu, where you can see your initials, and click ‘My Meetings’.

b. Go to the company list from the left-hand menu, select the company you wish to meet and click on the ‘Schedule Meeting’ button at the top of the Company’s page.

3. Either way, you will then be taken to the ‘Create a new meeting’ page. On the right-hand side of the screen, click on ‘Create a new exhibitor meeting’ and you will see a form to populate.

4. The fields are:

a. Subject – Add a subject to your meeting to make it easier for the recipient of your meeting to read the purpose of the meeting.

b. Arrange a meeting with – Start typing the name of a sponsor or an exhibitor you wish to meet with. You will see a list of companies that you can add. Select an appropriate company. If you opted for step 2(b), this field will be pre-populated with the company’s name and logo.

c. Choose a representative to meet – You then need to pick the sponsor or the exhibitor’s representatives you wish to meet.

d. Where – Depending on the event organiser’s setup, you can either set up an in-person-only meeting, or a virtual-only meeting, or have both options available. Only one selection can be made for a meeting.

i. For an in-person meeting, you can select a location from the ‘Choose event location’ dropdown or you can also suggest a meeting place. 

ii. For a virtual meeting, you can select a Smart Sessions room (if available) or select ‘Video Meeting’ from the dropdown options. 

e. When – You then need to select a date and time for your meeting. The available meeting date(s) will be determined by the event organiser. You can arrange a meeting length of either 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes or unlimited length, depending on the set-up chosen by the event organiser.

f. Message – In this field, you can write a message that you want the person you wish to meet to see. You can write an introduction about yourself and the purpose of the meeting.

5. To restart the form, you can click ‘Cancel’ and it will reset it to a blank form.

6. When you’re ready to send your meeting invite, click ‘Send Invitation’.

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