Aventri Integration Setup Guide

Aventri is an event management software and online registration platform. If you use Aventri to market your event and collect registration information from your delegates, you can now integrate your Aventri account to your CrowdComms platform.

Page content:

  1. Access Requirements
  2. Integrating Aventri into CrowdComms Content Management System (CMS) Dashboard
  3. Automatic Mapping from Aventri to CrowdComms
  4. Mapping of Custom Fields from Aventri to CrowdComms
  5. Setting up Webhooks to enable continuous synchronisation between Aventri and CrowdComms

1.   Access Requirements

1.1.   To start the integration with Aventri, you will need access to:

a.    Aventri account
b.    CrowdComms Content Management System (CMS) Dashboard

2.   Integrating Aventri into CrowdComms CMS Dashboard 

2.1    First, you will need to log in to CrowdComms CMS Dashboard 
2.2    Then select the Event App you wish to integrate with your Aventri registration platform
2.3    On the left-hand side menu, click on ‘Plug Ins’ and click on the ‘Aventri’ tile
2.4    Before you initiate the integration, please ensure that the status of your event in Aventri is ‘Live’
2.5    You will then see the ‘Account Details’ tab with several fields for you to populate. These fields need to be populated with your Aventri account information 

Retrieving Integration Information from Aventri

•    Log in to your Aventri Account
•    On the left-hand side of the screen, navigate on the hamburger menu, go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Account Settings’
•    You will then see several tabs, and several other sub-tabs, click on the ‘Integration’ tab and click on ‘API’
•    Record or copy the Account Key and paste it into the API key field in the CrowdComms CMS Dashboard
•    Record or copy the Account ID and paste it into the Account ID field in the CrowdComms CMS Dashboard
•    To locate your Event ID and the Endpoint Host, go to your event’s list and click on one of your events. 
•    The Event ID can be found next to the event’s name. Record or copy the Event ID and paste it into the External Event ID field in the CrowdComms CMS Dashboard
•    The Endpoint host varies based on which server region your Aventri account is hosted in. One indication can be seen on your event’s URL as shown in the example below. 
•    In the API Endpoint field, select from one of the dropdowns of either:
a.    Asia Pacific (APAC)
b.    North America (NA)
c.    Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)
•    If the dropdown options are not applicable to you, use the Endpoint Override field to populate your relevant Endpoint hostname provided to you by Aventri.

Aventri fields.png

Note: To learn more about Aventri platform integration, please click here to access Aventri API documentation

2.6    Next, you will see a dropdown menu, which enables you to select how you would like to import your Aventri sessions to your CrowdComms Event App. The options are:

a.    Managed Schedule – Your Aventri session will be imported to your delegate’s tailored agenda. Please refer here to read more about Managed Schedule.
b.    Personal Agenda – Your Aventri session will be imported to your delegate’s favourited agenda. Please refer here to read more about Personal Agenda.

2.7    If you do not intend on setting up the Mapping of custom fields, you can select the Enabled checkbox now.  Otherwise, leave this unchecked until you have finished configuration.
2.8    Once all relevant fields on the Dashboard are populated, click ‘Save’.