Hiding and Showing Content

If you'd like to hide and show various content as your event progresses, your app can be built in a way to make this easy to accomplish.

Depending on the time of content you'd like to show and hide, there are different methods to make it visible. Below is an explanation for the main types. If you have any questions or would like more information added here, please drop us an email!


Each app module in the Builder menu has an Eye icon next to it - shown in the below screenshot. If the eye is fully visible, it means the module is visible in the app for users. If the eye has a line through it - like the Challenge module in the below screenshot, it means the module is hidden in the left-hand menu and won't be visible to anyone. 

To change the visibility of a module, just click on the pink icon and that will change the status of the icon immediately. 

Still not seeing the module? Read on!

Module Privacy is a related, advanced feature where certain modules can be set to be visible just to certain people. For example, if you'd like one "Event Info" visible to the VIP group of users and a different "Event Info" visible for the Delegate group of users, it's possible to create 2x different Event Info modules and set them up. For more information, please contact your support specialist or email support@crowdcomms.co.uk.


HTML Content

HTML modules allow bespoke pages to be created in-app. These pages are often made to enhance the design of an app to provide a very custom look. Please speak to your Account Manager or Support Specialist if you'd like any more information about the work our bespoke design service can offer. 

If your app has HTML modules and you'd like to hide or show content within the module, please watch the short video below. Additionally, this guide explains how to correctly format HTML Comments.

Agenda Sessions

The agenda module has been built with the flexibility to allow certain sessions to be hidden from certain users. This feature is called Managed Schedules

To find out more about Managed Schedules, read our guide here.










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