Managed Schedules

Managed Schedules enable you to create a unique agenda for your attendees. You can tailor a specific set of sessions to individual users, or groups of users, simply by assigning them to the sessions you want them to see. When the admin adds users or group of users in the Managed Schedules fields, the session will be added to the user’s event schedule, they can view and attend the session, they cannot however remove the session from their event schedule.

Managed Schedules are distinct from Session favouriting, which is a separate feature where users can build their own agenda for an event by 'favouriting' the sessions they wish to attend.

Any session designated as a “Managed Schedule” session will require the users to log in to the app first in order to see the session. Once logged in, any sessions the user is added to will appear in the agenda on their app in addition to any 'public' sessions, as well as the user’s own event schedule, which can be found on the right-hand menu of the event app.

You are organising a 3-day career event, running from Friday, Saturday and Sunday

On each day, you are running career advice sessions on different subjects, Medical, Tourism, Legal etc and you would like all the medical students registered for the event to attend all medical-related sessions. 

In this scenario, you will add the relevant users or groups of users to the Managed Schedules fields for all the medical-related sessions. These sessions will then appear in the delegate’s event schedule, and they will not be able to remove them.

If you have also applied Session Privacy to the session, other users who are in the Session Privacy group, but not in the Managed Schedules group, will be able to view and attend the session, however, unless they favourite the session, they won’t see the session their event schedule. 

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