Setting a Custom Domain

It may be more desirable to have your app on a custom domain ie. instead of the provided prefix. The CrowdComms platform supports this behaviour but there is a small amount of set up required depending on your domain provider.

This guide assumes you have already purchased the domain via a reputable domain provider ie. GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc

Before you begin

DNS and SSL setup can be complex and we'd recommend this is done by someone with prior experience setting up these things. Setting the wrong values risks your domain becoming unavailable for a period of time until the issues are fixed.

If you have a domain that will only be used for your app and nothing else, then the process is fairly straightforward, however if you want to bind other sites to the same domain or use subdomains there are a few more steps to the process.

You need to provide ample time for this process to complete, DNS changes are usually quite fast but can take up to 48 hours. If you're sending out pre-event emails with a link to the app you need to ensure custom domain setup is completed well in advance.

Setup (dedicated domain)

  1. Head to the CrowdComms CMS
  2. Find the app you wish to assign a custom domain to
  3. Go to Settings → App Details 
  4. Scroll down to where is says 'Custom Domain'
  5. Enter your custom domain as provided.
  6. Save
  7. You now need to set your nameservers for your domain to our nameservers (supplied by CloudFlare). The exact values required will be shown in the CMS once you have entered your custom domain and saved the changes. They'll be in the format <name> Cloudflare will provide 2 nameservers, you'll need to add both of them to your DNS registrar.

Example: GoDaddy

  1. Log into GoDaddy
  2. Enter the "Domain Manager" via the dashboard.
  3. Find your newly purchased domain on the provided table and click on it
  4. Scroll down and click on "Manage DNS"
  5. Find the "Nameservers" section and click "Change"
  6. Choose "Custom" 
  7. Enter our nameservers into the provided inputs
  8. Click Save


It may take up to 48 hours for your website to be ready.

You do NOT need to purchase an SSL certificate. CrowdComms will generate this for you using LetsEncrypt.


Setup (shared domain)

If your custom domain will be used to host other content, or if you need to use a subdomain eg: the setup process is more complicated. CrowdComms can provide SSL certificates in these instances but you will need to contact your account manager to request this. You will need to manually add a few CNAME records to your DNS to point to our CDN and to verify the SSL certificate we'll install for your app. Please contact your account manager for further details.