Troubleshooting Users Accessing The CrowdComms Platform

We recommend promoting the platform at least one week pre event. Promoting early ensures users are logged in and comfortable navigating the platform before the event begins. 

Issues accessing the platform are rare and in most cases, quick to troubleshoot. Below you will find the most common challenges and solutions to help your users quickly get onto the platform. 

  • WiFi 
    • Advise the user to check other sites are working and if WiFi isn't the issue attempt refresh or failing that clear cache and try again.
  • User is unable to login with their email: 'You are not registered to access this event, please contact an event organiser.' 
    • Check users are entering the correct email listed on the CMS, Libraries, People
    • Recommend using the correct email listed on the CMS
    • If user is not listed on the CMS, add the user to give them access. To do so, go to the CMS, Libraries, People, Add New Person
  • User has forgotten their password
    • Recommend using the 'Reset password' option on the login page 
  • Unsupported browser
  • Firewall stopping users from accessing the platform
    • Some internal firewalls block unrecognised platforms. CrowdComms mitigate the request by ensuring all event URL's are https. In the event of the URL being blocked, the only solution is to get the relevant IT team to white list / approve the platform URL. 
  • User isn't receiving automated email alerts, reset password email or verification email
    • Email communications sent from the CrowdComms platform are delivered from ''. If you intend to use this functionality, please ensure this email address is white listed by relevant IT team to avoid emails being blocked or going to spam.

Please note: CrowdComms provide support to organisers however CrowdComms do not manage the communications directly with end users unless show day allocated support is included with event package. 

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