Platform Guide: Step by step

Video guides and step by step instructions for the wider CrowdComms platforms.

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The CrowdComms platform has a wide feature set allowing admins to create on brand platforms that meet a variety of project requirements. This includes single page webinars, follow the sun (events covering different time zones) virtual conferences, multi day in person or hybrid congress's with complex personalisation for different groups, through to 12 month community platforms. 

This guide provides a step by step process for a typical setup. Platform training, managed services and live chat are available to help you understand how to best utilise the platform to meet your own goals. We're here to help! 

Note: The steps outlined show the latest version of the CrowdComms CMS (Admin dashboard) which you can access here. We recommend switching the toggle to the top right to access the latest version and the associated benefits. 

Don't have access yet? Speak to your allocated account manager, support manger or contact us here

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Native app

If you have opted for a native app, a member of our native submission team will contact you to request the required information to allow us to submit your app. You can request an update on this from the live chat team contactable from the CMS. 

If you have opted for a web based platform and want to upgrade to a native app, please discuss options with your Account Manager. 

Important: You will need to setup your own app store account and the submission review can take three (3) weeks to be approved after we have submitted your app. 

Full overview of native apps and the process can be found here

Managing your timeline

Attached is a template project planner that you can use to track the progress of your project and agree responsibilities and timelines with all involved with the platform build. 

Project plan.xlsx

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Step two: Choose and customise your home screen

You will have access to a wide range of templates to showcase your brand and ensure a seamless user experience regardless of the device they choose to access from.

Important: Consider what the purpose of platform is and what the key success metrics are. This might be watching sessions live, ROI for your partners, pre and post event engagement or facilitating networking. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for your users to access and get involved with the key areas.

The home screen gives you the opportunity to do that. Choosing the best template for you specific goals is an important step. 

In the 'Modules' section, select 'Create new module'. 

Add module.png

You will see the full list of modules to choose from. Each module serves a different purpose and can be renamed to be relevant to your use case, as well as targeted to be visible to specific groups only. 

Select 'Page Builder' from the available list. 

Page builder.png

Re-name the module to be relevant. In this scenario, 'Home' is the go to. Change the icon or upload a custom icon to personalise further. 

When you later create additional modules for your wider content, you will have these same options. 


Choose from the available templates. Toggle between home page, info page and miscellaneous templates to find the optimal template for your specific needs.