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12 month event platform with show day add ons

Create an on brand, secure platform to host all your events and webinars in one place. Perfect for webinar series and when you have a captive audience attending events throughout the year. Utilise module privacy and personalised schedules to ensure only invited users can see the events they are invited too. 

Send alerts and notifications to communicate upcoming events and allow your attendees to revisit past events all in one place. 

Included at all times: 

  • Showcase and promote upcoming events to drive up adoption
  • On demand access to past events with analytics and reporting to measure uptake
  • Share attendee lists of upcoming events and past events. Security options available to control who can see these. 1-2-1 chat messaging and business card exchange supported. 
  • Promote sponsors and allow attendees to access their content. Provide analytics to your sponsors to quantify the exposure they have received.
  • Ongoing or event specific games with live leaderboard. Incentivise platform and content related engagement and provide awards 
  • Social feeds to allow users to share their experiences and collaborate on your approved topic areas
  • Capture feedback related to user experience to continually improve their event experiences
  • Alerts and notifications to keep your audience informed of latest events or push any of the above features and uses

Included on show days: 

  • Live stream to your invited audiences
  • Live engagement during sessions including live polling, Q&A, session feedback and session notes 
  • Networking spaces with collaboration between users utilising Smart Sessions
  • Breakout sessions using our branded in platform breakout rooms or the zoom integration
  • 1-2-1 video calls and meeting booking between attendees, speakers and sponsors depending on your admin settings and user privacy settings (Available 7 days pre and post your show day add on)
  • Event and session specific game challenges 

12 month event platform demo

12 month demo.png