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IC platform pricing

Take your employees, members or prospective clients and turn them into a community. Keep your audience informed of the latest updates, allow users to voice their opinions and create dynamic working spaces for collaboration. Unlimited 1-2-1 meetings, group meetings and events all housed within a branded and secure platform. 

What's included in the community platform? 

In short, everything available in the CrowdComms platform. This enables you to create a unique and personalised community experience built around your specific requirements. Work with your Account Manager during the onboarding consultation to build a platform that is setup to share the right content, at the right time whilst engaging with your audience to get tangible results.  

IC Demo.png

  • Customisation without compromise: Create a truly on brand platform. Choose from 15 templates optimised for all devices with your brand applied. Or work with our design team to create a custom new template. Everything down to fonts and button styles will be applied to deliver a white label solution. 
  • Show case content: Whether you are looking to promote your company mission statement, employee wellness, charity drives or share success stories, there is a vast feature set to ensure you have options to show case content in a way that delivers the message. 
  • Networking and collaboration: Keep everyone connected whether they're in the office, at home or offsite. 1-2-1 and group chat, video calls and branded workspaces provided a variety of ways to keep your community connected.
  • Events and webinars: Take advantage of your captive community. Run all your events and webinars within the platform driving up adoption and engagement. 
  • Engagement and feedback: Whether you're looking to run a last minute poll, allow users to ask questions, provide feedback or take part in wider platform games with live leaderboards and prizes, there are options to get the conversation going and keep your community engaged. 
  • Shared social feed: Create multiple social feeds to post both your company approved updates and those from. your community. Comments, photo and video uploads, along with likes and comments on other posts creates an area to celebrate success and share best practise.
  • Analytics and reporting: Quantify the success of your community with real time reporting. Learn from the data and improve the community experience by making continual improvements, all managed from an easy to use admin dashboard. 
  • Secure platform: Chose from the security options to ensure only approved users have access. CrowdComms is a leading provider when it comes to security, options range from public access to registered users only. Multi factor authentication and authenticator app are available as extra tiers of security to adhere to the most security conscious communities.