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Virtual, Hybrid & Webinar Pricing

All prices are on a per event basis: What does this mean? 
  • All users access the same custom url or app name and land on the same branded home screen
  • Content can be personalised to the user using module privacy and personalised schedules however all content must be related to a single event
  • All show days must be within a 30-day period to be considered a single event license
  • Show days outside of the supported 30-day period will require a new event license or consider a 12-month platform license with show day add on(s)
  • Event content will be available for six months post event to allow users to revisit the platform, access content, provide feedback and network with other users
  • The platform cannot be repurposed for other events without a new license and during the on demand period, changes to content can no longer be made
Virtual, Hybrid or Webinar event platform 
  • 500 users supported within starting package. Higher user options available. 
  • Live stream player to deliver high quality production to your audience around the world.
    • Global CDN ensuring stable, fast connection for users regardless of where they access (For mainland China audiences, please discuss options with your Account Manager).
    • Engagement panel to facilitate seamless participation. 
    • Picture and picture supported.
  • Secure platform
  • GDPR compliant
  • Custom URL 
  • Responsive platform that across devices including desktops, tablets and mobile phones: Browser requirements
  • Replicate event branding: Design setup included
  • Event content utilising available platform modules: Platform docs
  • Session engagement
  • Networking
  • Meeting booking: View details
    • 1-2-1 meeting booking between platform users
    • Pre-define time slots for audience to meet with one another or allow them to define their own availability
    • Meet in person or online, with simple step by step user experience 
  • Smart session: Networking rooms, View details
    • Create branded networking spaces
    • Dynamic networking experience for user to bump into other attendees and join private or group conversations
    • Watch content together removing the isolation of virtual events
    • Participate in group chat 
  • 1-2-1 video calls: View details
    • Allow users to begin video calls with other online users within the platform 
      • Attendee to attendee
      • Attendee to exhibitor and vice versa 
      • Attendee to speaker and vice versa 
      • Attendee to event organiser or vice versa
      • Options to restrict access for certain groups if needed  
  • Group video roundtable meetings: View details
      • Group video roundtable meetings supporting up to 12 users.
      • Branded group video calls linked to sessions
      • Roundtable style, open conversation sessions 
      • Switch up your event by rotating between live stream / broadcast sessions to roundtable discussions
  • Exhibitor and sponsor exposure 
  • Surveys and session feedback with reporting
      • Surveys linked to sessions with session specific questions
      • Event surveys linked from menu or home screen 
      • No limits on number of surveys or survey questions
      • Multiple question types: Single choice, multiple choice, star rating, sliding scale rating and open end response 
      • Reporting for admins in csv available for download in real time
  • Analytics and reporting
    • Real time highlights dashboard
    • Detailed csv reports with user specific data 
    • View details
  • Split pane view with video player and pop out player
  • Stream hosting and global cdn for stable stream delivery
  • Multilingual functionality  
    • Allow users to access the platform in supported languages: View details
    • Content must be provided and uploaded in each required language 
    Remove 'Powered by CrowdComms' logo
    • Remove this logo from login and left hand menu providing a complete white label solution
    App store listing 
    • Optional feature: Native app available in Apple app store and Google Play 
    • Custom app name, splash screen image and app icon
    • Push notifications 
      Registration light
      • Integration options with your preferred registration provider are included as standard without purchasing this optional registration light solution. Integration options
      • Registration light is a simple user friendly branded registration platform with live api integration into the event platform 
      • Standalone attendance tracking app 
        • Optional standalone app: Only available for physical events
        • Onsite admins, hosts, and hostesses download attendance tracking app onto phones or iPads 
        • Enter event code followed by session or location code
          • Session or location code can be updated as they scan attendees into new sessions 
        • Scan attendee QR codes on their badges to track their movement 
        • Permissions to control who is allowed to attend specific sessions 
        • Reporting available for admins
        Standalone lead capture app 
        • Optional standalone app: Only available for physical events
        • Allocate a lead user for each exhibitor
        • Lead exhibitor user downloads the lead capture app, enters event code followed by their unique exhibitor code
          • This information is communicated to exhibitors by email from organisers
        • Ability to invite team leaders who can then download and join their exhibitor lead capture app 
        • Pre defined qualifying questions and option to create personalised questions
        • Scan attendee QR codes on badges to capture details
        • Enter responses to qualifying questions based on the conversation to have central hub of qualified lead data
        • Reporting for exhibitors 
        • Reporting for event admins
      Design Setup 
              Custom design page(s)
              • Optional service, discuss options with your account manager
              • Design setup utilising one of the tried and tested templates 1-8 is included as standard without the custom page add on - View standard design setup options
              • If you need something a bit special that goes above and beyond the included templates home screens or menu options, we can code custom pages to replicate your designs
              • Send your custom page requirements to your account manager for review 
                    Allocated account manager, support manager, training and support included with platform license
                    • Included as standard with any platform purchase
                    • Allocated support manager provides training and support: View details
                    Managed content service
                    • Optional service: View details
                    • Allocated resource uploads your event content
                    • Multilingual platforms require one x managed content service per language
                    Managed live stream service
                    • Optional service: View details
                      • Streaming can be managed internally or through AV / production partner if preferable
                    • Allocated production manager
                    • Pre event review exploring requirements and providing insights and recommendations 
                    • Speaker briefing to ensure speakers understand the platform and relevant session engagement features 
                    • Collaboration with organisers to ensure agenda follows best practise and assets are provided as required
                    • Production manager works with the allocated streaming technician to ensure they understand requirements and are prepped to seamlessly stream the running the order
                    Streaming technician(s)
                    • Optional service: Streaming can be managed internally or through AV / production partner if preferable
                    • Experienced technician manages the delivery of your live stream following the agreed running order
                    • Seamless transitions between content including session engagement 
                    • High production live stream output to the remote audience within event platform 
                    • View details
                    Allocated show day platform resource (per day, per technician) 
                    • Dedicated CrowdComms resource allocated to work as an extension of your team during your show day 
                    • View details