Pronto! Kiosks

First impressions definitely count and with our Pronto! kiosks you’ll delight your attendees on arrival with a lightning fast and easy to use self-printing badge solution

About Pronto! Kiosks

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Pronto! contactless badge kiosks

Ensure your delegates have a seamless, contactless check-in experience with our Pronto! Kiosks. With different sizes available to suit your event space, you can be sure your audience will be impressed as soon as they set foot in the venue

First impressions definitely count and with our Pronto! kiosks you’ll delight your attendees on arrival with a lightning fast and easy to use self-printing badge solution

Beautiful to look at and simple to use, Pronto! badge kiosks are the perfect way to welcome your event guests.

Flexible registration

Kiosks support pre-event and onsite registration.

Self-service badges

Your guests can print their own name badge in seconds

Custom design

Incorporate your event branding onto badge designs, touchscreen and kiosk exteriors

Real-time analytics

Monitor registration and arrival traffic as it happens.

Support and service that delivers the perfect start


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Pronto! MAX kiosks give your event registration area serious WOW! factor.

Tall and elegant our stand-alone units look fantastic and offer extra space for event or sponsor branding.

Customise your kiosk

Make the kiosk part of your event with custom design. Decal areas available:

1. Top: 360x40mm
2. Bottom Landscape: 360x300 3. Bottom Portrait: 360x500

Print File Format: Export in .pdf at least 250dpi, CMYK colours, with 5mm bleed


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Our beautifully engineered kiosk is perfect when space is at a premium.

With its compact and sleek design, the Pronto!Glide delivers high quality badges for any size of venue. We’ve made sure there’s still space for company or sponsor branding, so you can be sure to get a great level of exposure at your event.

As your delegates scan their QR codes they will be presented with their badge gliding down from behind the screen. A truly impressive start to the event experience.

Customise your kiosk

Speak to your CrowdComms account manager about the options to use your brand on the Pronto!Glide

Quick, contactless and safe

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Our kiosks are a quick, efficient & safe way to ensure a smooth, contactless check-in for your audience. Using our QR code technology, you can print badges that have never been touched by anyone else. Where registration at the kiosk is necessary, all touchscreens are sealed so can be cleaned in between uses

  • Can be spaced to ensure social distancing is adhered to

  • Interactions can be entirely contactless using QR scanner

  • No need for plastic wallets, further reducing wait time

  • Easy-to-assemble, double sided badges, so no need for anyone else

    to handle them

  • Minimise the risk of queues with potential for up to 120 contact-

    free badges printed per hour, per kiosk

  • Easy to clean touchscreens between uses

  • Kiosk Manager allows on-site specialist to manage any queue build

    up by sending those waiting to available kiosks


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How many Kiosks will we need?

We consider important information such as: - How many attendees will there be?

Each kiosk can print approximately 100 badges per hour so taking this, and the above information into account, we provide each client with a custom quote.

What events are the Kiosks best suited to?
Can I include my event branding?

Absolutely! Our Design Team will work with you on customised badge designs and any different badge types you need. The kiosk screens will be on brand and we can also provide customised decals for the front of the kiosks – a sponsorship opportunity perhaps?

Who provides the lanyards and pouches?

We can provide both or you can source them yourselves if you prefer. We prefer double clip branded lanyards and you’ll just need A6 pouches.

What happens if we need to reprint a badge?

Often at events someone comes along in the place of another colleague at the last minute. For paid tickets they will need to provide proof of purchase and we can then print their badge. Other changes, such as name or title updates, can be made easily by one of the team.

How easy is it to set up the kiosks?

Easy! We prefer to set up the day before if possible, if not we require 3 – 4 hours before registration kicks off. Clearing away takes 2–3hours.

What connectivity is required for the Pronto Kiosks? 

The kiosks require Wifi access to enable continuous data updates. CrowdComms recommend using our Wifi solutions which provide robust redundancy.

How easy are the Kiosks to operate? 

Once set up, the kiosks are ready to print! The CrowdComms Team will train your registration team on how the kiosks work. They will oversee the registration period and provide operation maintenance on the kiosks as required, as well as being on hand for any questions that come up.

Are your badges environmentally friendly? 

You can be sure that your event check-in process is eco-conscious with the option of badges made from recycled materials. With no need for a plastic pouch, these badges help reduce your event’s impact on the environment

Badge options

Badge-Banner-V2 (1).jpg

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 12.35.03.png

Dynamic badges

  • Use attendee profile data to automatically change layouts, colours, icons and other design elements
  • Display unique information such as attendee types or dietary requirements
  • QR codes connect attendee’s profile data to the Event App, Capture App and Track App
Powerful online badge editor
  • Create full colour, single or double sided badges
  • Upload images, logos, icons or full PDF designs
  • No limits on the number of templates per event
  • Generate a print ready PDF file or print directly via kiosks
Solutions for every event and budget
  • Generate a print ready PDF file to pre-print badges
  • Print on-site directly via Kiosks for self-service premium check-in
  • On-site Printing feature to print badges or dymo labels at your registration desk
Badge Options

Choose from a range of badge stock options to meet your unique event requirements. Our design service includes replicating your brand utilising the flexible badge creator module. 

1. ExpoBadge T180, environmentally friendly

2. Butterfly badge, double sided design

3. Credit card style badge