Elements - Service Level Agreement (Full Build)

Our service level agreement outlines the services included with your platform license and your responsibilities. By utilising our included services and ensuring you own the points outlined as client responsibilities, ensures a seamless experience and mostly importantly a great event.

Please ensure you have read and understood this document before starting work on a new project.

Services included:
Client responsibilities and considerations:
Example timeline, critical path to successful platform delivery

We recommend allowing twelve (12) weeks for your content to be uploaded, quality control checks to take place, training to be provided, and for the platform to be promoted ahead of the show days allowing for pre event engagement.

The platform can be setup and promoted in shorter timeframes if your content is readily available and can be provided in the CrowdComms provided templates. We recommend allowing a minimum of six (6) weeks for the entire process as a minimum. 

Step One: Complete the project setup form, provide all required information, selecting your preferred design template and provide required design assets. 

Step Two: Content discussion call with allocated support specialist. Available time and dates will be offered within one week of your project setup form being completed. 

Step Three: CrowdComms upload your event content.

Step Four: Arrange review call with your allocated support specialist.

Step Five: Quality control checks before promoting the platform to your users. 

Step Six: Show Days and live event support. 

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