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Quick, contactless and safe

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Our kiosks are a quick, efficient & safe way to ensure a smooth, contactless check-in for your audience. Using our QR code technology, you can print badges that have never been touched by anyone else. Where registration at the kiosk is necessary, all touchscreens are sealed so can be cleaned in between uses

  • Can be spaced to ensure social distancing is adhered to

  • Interactions can be entirely contactless using QR scanner

  • No need for plastic wallets, further reducing wait time

  • Easy-to-assemble, double sided badges, so no need for anyone else

    to handle them

  • Minimise the risk of queues with potential for up to 120 contact-

    free badges printed per hour, per kiosk

  • Easy to clean touchscreens between uses

  • Kiosk Manager allows on-site specialist to manage any queue build

    up by sending those waiting to available kiosks