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Building the Registration Form with Form Designer

Registration: Step By Step Guide Registration Suite

Form Designer Welcome to our Form Designer, your all-in-one tool for crafting registration forms with ease. Say goodbye to toggling between editor tabs – now you can design your form and questions seamlessly within one intuitive interface. Ready to get start...

Registration Email Dashboard

Registration: Step By Step Guide Registration Suite

Transform your event’s registration phase with the cutting-edge Registration Email Dashboard! This innovative CMS dashboard is designed to elevate your communications management, delivering real-time analytics that provide deep insights into your email corresp...

3. Import/Export Meetings on the Dashboard (CMS) - Coming Soon!

Platform Docs Meeting Booking

Import Meetings Overview Introducing our powerful new Import Meeting Booking feature designed specifically for event organisers! Simplify your event planning process by uploading a spreadsheet with all your planned meeting details, including crucial fields li...

Multi-Lingual: Registration


Multi-Lingual Registration Admin Overview  If the multi-lingual feature has been enabled by an admin, your registration section will be seamlessly duplicated into the languages of your choice. Please see more info here on how to set up our multi-lingual feat...

Stripe Integration

Platform Docs Platform Integrations Setup Guides

Stripe Integration for Paid Ticketing Training Guide Enhance your event with our Registration Ticketing feature, now integrated with Stripe! This seamless integration enables you to offer paid experiences and products, providing a comprehensive and streamline...