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CrowdComms - Badge Prints Summary

Badge Prints Overview

On the CMS you can also view the summary of the badge prints.

If you navigate to Kiosks, then on the secondary menu, click on ‘Badge Prints’, and you will be able to see a list of users who have had their badge printed. 

At the top right side of the page you will see three buttons, these are used for the following:

  1. Find QR: Used to search for a persons QR code for quick scanning.
  2. Reset all: Used to reset all persons printing status allowing you to re-print all badges.
  3. Export: Used to export an excel report of all badge prints, columns include:
    1. First/Last Name
    2. Email
    3. Company
    4. Job Title
    5. Groups
    6. Time of printing
    7. Time of reset

Trial Test (15).jpg

Below these buttons, you will see four dashboard tiles displaying namely:

  1. Unique Prints – Displaying the total number of badges printed by users. This doesn’t include any users who re-printed their badge.
  2. Not Printed – Displaying the total number of users who have not yet printed their badge. This number could be useful as an indicator of how many no-shows at the event or the list button can be used as a summary of remaining unprinted badges. 
  3. Reprints – Displaying the total number of badges printed throughout the event. This value also includes the number of re-printed badges. 
  4. Printed Percentage - Displaying a percentage of people who have printed their badge so far.

There is also a searchable table on this page displaying a list of people who have already had their badge printed, you can also filter this table by group. If for example, you have users who have misplaced their printed badge, before they can be allowed to re-print their badge, you must first reset their badge on the CMS. 

To do this, search for the person from the list of users below, and click on the reset icon.

If all users need to be reset, then click on "Reset all" at the top of the page. 

If for example, the user notices that their details on the printed badge are incorrect, you can also edit their personal details on this page. Just click on the 'pencil icon', and it will take you to the Edit Profile page.

Once you've finished editing the user's personal details, click on the rest icon to enable the user to reprint their badge again.