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Granting CrowdComms Access to Your Accounts


For Apple, you'll need to give CrowdComms access to App Store Connect.

App Store Connect


  • Click the plus button and use the below details to add a new user. Use the details for your relevant CrowdComms contact:

CrowdComms UK Details

First Name CrowdComms
Last Name Limited

CrowdComms Australia Details

First Name Peter
Last Name Hair

Be sure to tick the "Admin" role - and also to check the box saying "Access to Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles". 


  • Press Invite.

Google Play

  • Sign in to
  • In the Google Play Console go to Settings > Users and Permissions > Invite New User.
  • Enter the below information. Use the details for your relevant CrowdComms contact:

The Google Play Console has received a number of updates and changes and now requires a higher level of permissions than in the past. We recommend inviting us as an "Admin" level to keep things simple so we can handle the entire app creation process. If this is a concern for you, please reach out to the team and we'll be able to hop on a meeting with you to talk you through performing the "admin-only" parts of the process and you can give us a lower level of permissions in that specific scenario. 

CrowdComms UK Details

Access Expiry Date Never

CrowdComms Australia Details

Access Expiry Date Never
  • Click Send Invitation.

One More Step

Now we've got access to your developer accounts, the final step is to complete our app submission details form.

Full App Store Access Problems? 

If you aren't willing to give us full app store access, there are some other options:

1. Full App Store Access

The easiest option is for you to give us full access to your developer account as outlined above.

2. Access to Only a Single App

The next option would be for you to begin the app creation process yourself and give us access to just a single app - this would require you to create an app on App Store Connect with specific details provided by us, which your support specialist can help you out with. Then, you can grant us access to just this app. This can be handy if you have several apps on your App Store account and don't want us to have any way of seeing or editing any others.

3. Send Us Your Developer Certificates

If you don't want to give us any App Store access, you can give us a distribution certificate P12, matching provisioning profile and also a push certificate P12 file and we can create the IPA and APK files for your app and return them to you for submission yourself. 

4. Only Send us Push Certificate and Resign App Yourself

The final option would be that we create your IPA and APK app files using our own CrowdComms distribution certificates and our own provisioning profile, then you resign the app yourself before submitting to your own app store.

We still require a P12 push certificate to do this - and you will need to ensure the bundle ID of the app matches what our system is outputting.

Please speak to a member of the team for more information about these processes.