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Info Pages & Info Booths

The Info Pages module can either be used to create static text and image information pages or as a direct link to another page within the platform.

First add your module and name it something relevant. Once created click 'Add Infobooth' and name it something relevant. 

Once created you can then choose whether to add an Infobooth or a direct link. You will also need to create a title for this. 

At this stage you have the option to add a header image if you would like to. You can also change the symbol to something different from the list that are on offer. You can do this by clicking on the symbol to see what other options are available. 

If you have chosen to add an Infobooth then you can then add Information Cards. Each card will appear within the booth and can host text, images, videos (they must be hosted externally first ie. on vimeo) or links. There is no limit to the number of cards you can create. Once created you can reorder them by dragging and dropping. 

If you have chosen to add a direct link then you have the option of it redirecting to other modules or an external url. 

You are able to add a mixture of Infobooths and direct links if needed. 


beta-cms.crowdcomms.com_apps_beckystrainingdemo_modules_173001_directlink_edit(Laptop) (8).png

beta-cms.crowdcomms.com_apps_beckystrainingdemo_modules_173001_directlink_edit(Laptop) (9).png