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Q & A Display

Watching further training videos on setup options, customising Q&A display and managing at your event here

The Q&A module is an interactive feature of the platform whereby attendees can ask questions to speakers during their presentation. They are able to submit the question through the front end of the platform either via a Q&A module on the left hand menu, or the Q&A area of the engagement panel in agenda sessions.

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If moderation is turned on then the question will to go an external url to be approved before appearing on the front end of the platform and on a different url which is designed to be given to the speakers, so they can answer the question in real time. 

If there is no moderation then the question automatically appears on the front end of the platform and is sent to the speaker view url. 

You can add an entire Q&A module or you can link specific Q&A's to a particular session. 

A Q&A must be created in the libraries section first. To do this, navigate to libraries - Questions & Answers - add a Question & Answer. You can then name it something relevant. If it is going to be linked to a particular session then it is good practice to name the Q&A after this so you can link them up later. 

Once created you have the option to turn moderation on or not. If you turn it on then an external moderator (usually someone from the client's team) will have to approve questions before they are sent to the speaker and appear on the platform. 

You can also say whether users have to log in before being able to ask a question. If they don't have to log in then the question will be asked anonymously.

There are further settings you can turn on and off under the display tab. These include whether the details of the person who has asked the question is displayed, how the questions are ordered and whether users can like questions.

Under the display tab, there are three different urls which you will need.

The moderator view is for the moderator. Any submitted questions will appear here and can be approved, edited (ie. if there is a spelling error), starred (pinned to the top of the list) or deleted. 

The speaker view is the url to be given to the speaker/facilitator of the session so they can answer the questions in real time. 

The main display is for live events and is a url where approved questions can be displayed on a large screen. This can be edited to the event's branding under the manage tab. 

To view all of the questions submitted, go to the results page. You can also clear or export the results here. 

Alternatively, you can add a Q&A module through the builder and link any number of Q&A's to this designated page. 

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