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The survey functionality is designed as a way to collect attendee responses across an event and then they can be exported after an event. 

Surveys can be added to a designated Survey module page or linked to particular sessions. Surveys are created in the libraries section. Create your survey and name it. If it is going to be linked to a session it is a good idea to name it the same thing as the session. 

You can select whether attendees need to log into answer. If you leave this off then all responses will be anonymous. 

To add a question, select which format you would like. There are three different types of survey questions which can be added; multiple choice, a star/slide rating and a free text box. 

  • Multiple choice questions require at least two answers but there is no maximum limit. Try not to add too many so it doesn't get confusing for attendees!
  • Star/slider rating can be set to any minimum or maximum value between 0 and 10. You can also add a minimum and maximum name to help guide attendees but this isn't a required field. 
  • Text field questions can have a range of character limits set.  

You can select whether certain questions require an answer before the attendee can proceed by clicking the text box which says 'answer required. It's also possible to add messages in between questions and also a completion message which is shown at the end of the survey but this is optional.

Once your survey is created it can be linked to a session. To do this, navigate to the right session in the builder>agenda>edit session. Navigate to the 'features' tab and select your survey from the list. 

Alternatively, add a survey module through the builder and then select which surveys appear here, on their own page. 

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