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Two Factor Authentication for CMS Use


Setting Up 2FA

This2FA pagecan be enabled either by an authentication app or by getting a verification code sent to your email address.

N.B. If it is splityour intofirst 8time sections; 

  • Section 1. Enabling 2FA in CMS

  • Section 2. Deleting a 2FAthe CMS Device

  • the
  • roll

    Sectionout 3.of Addingmulti-factor aauthentication, 2FAthen CMSyou Device 

  • Section 4. Verifying through Email 

  • Section 5. Whatneed to do if you loseclose your 2FAbrowser, Device 

  • Section 6. Trust this computer for 30 days feature 

  • Section 7. Security Settings

  • Section 8. How a CC Staff Member can reset a clients device for FrontEnd through CMS

Section. 1

Enabling 2FA in CMS

  • Load CMS
  • Enter your credentials (Email Address and Password)re-launch and then clickclear "Logyour in"
  • cache

image-1625754032285.pngand cookies before accessing the CMS.

AWhen choice of eitherfirst setting up a2FA device now or have a code emailed to you, for now,you will appearbe aspresented shownwith below


Enabling 2FA Route; screen:


  • If you choose to use an authentication app then please select ‘enable’. This gives better protection as it requires the use of 2 devices. If you however would rather verify by email, you can as this is still an additional layer of security.

    To set up using an authentication app:

    Scan the QR code or manually enter the 16 digit code (sometimes referred to as a KEY) using your Authenticator App on your personal device

Common Authenticator Apps; 

  • Authy
  • Microsoft Authenticator 
  • Google Authenticator 
  • LastPass
  • OTP 


Once you have either scanned the QR code or entered the 16 digit code manually, you will then be provided with a 6 digit ONE TIME ONLY code to enter

*Note;N.B The 6 digit code is only valid for 60 seconds (Your Authenticator App will provide you with a new code after this time expires) .
If you are unfamiliar with authentication apps, then here are some common ones you can use:


  • Authy
  • Microsoft Authenticator 
  • Google Authenticator 
  • LastPass
  • OTP 

Input the 6 digit code and then click "Verify"


You will now be logged into the CMS

SelectEmail "ManageVerification
If Devices"you fromopt for email verification, a 6 digit code will be sent to the right-handemail sideaddress menu associated with your CMS account.



N.B. 2.For both routes, you have the option to ‘trust this computer for 30 days’ to save you verifying every time if you don’t want to.


How ato 2FAManage your CMS Device

Select "Manage Devices" fromIn the right-top-right hand sideprofile menu 


From this screen you can; 

*Edit your device name

*Delete your device (and thenmenu you will besee providedthe withoption to ‘manage devices’. Here you will see a buttondevice if you chose to adduse aan newauthentication device) 


*ViewYou can click the datepencil theto re-name it so you know exactly what device wasyou added used if helpful.


DeletingN.B. You can only have one authentication device at a device


Clickfor onCMS access, so if you want to change devices, you will need to click the "Trashtrash Can"can andto confirmremove the first one. Once you wishhave no devices, you will see the option to delete‘add thedevice’. device


  • Section 3. Adding a 2FA CMS Device 

Adding a new device

  • Click on "Add Device" 


  • Scan the QR code or manually enter the 16 digit code into your chosen Authenticator App 


  • Enter your 6 digit code 


Your new device is now added 


  • Section 4. Verifying through Email 

  • Enter your credentials (Email Address and Password) and then click "Log in"


  • Select "Verify by using Email"


  • YouThis will then receivetake anyou email containing a 6 digit code


  • Enterthrough the 6previous digitprocess andto thenset clickup "Log in"


You will now be logged into CMS


  • Section 5. What to do ifIf you lose your 2FA Device 

  • Enter your credentials (Email Address and Password) and then click "Log in"


  • Click on "I've lost my authenticator device link 


  • A message will appear fordevice, you to contact CrowdComms account manager. You will need to contact theyour supportdesignated threadmember toof haveour ateam CMSas 2FAonly deviceCrowdComms staff can reset


Section 6. Trust this computer for 30you. days feature 

  • Enter your credentials (Email Address and Password) and then click "Log in"


  • Check the "Trust this computer for 30days box


You will be prompted into 30do daysthis by the system anyway if you select this option when trying to login. We will then re-verifyreset your device

  • Section 7. Security Settings

On the security page, CMS users can now choose which level of security they want to set as the minimumit for their app

Password Only - Users will be offered the choice to set up 2-factor authentication via an authenticator app, but it won't be required and they can skip it completely. There will be no option to verify via email. If users do connect an authenticator app, then they will be required to use that for subsequent log-ins.

Email Only - Users will be offered the choice to set up 2-factor authentication via an authenticator app, but it isn't required. If they choose not to, however, they will need to enter a code sent to them via email. 

Authenticator Only - It will be mandatory for users to set up 2-factor authentication via an authenticator app, and they will be unable to log in without doing so. 

  • Section 8. How to reset devices for delegates 

  • Log into CMS with your credentials


  • Enter your verification code from the authenticator app 


  • Select your App



  • Click on "Libraries" and then "People" module 


  • Search for the person who needs their device reset and click "Edit"


  • Scroll to the bottom of the persons profile to the "Settings" section


  • Click on "Reset Authenticator Device"