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Two Factor Authentication for Front End Use

This page is split into 6 sections; 

  • Setting up 2FA for theYour 1stApp

    You oncan login 

  • now
  • Skippingchoose settingbetween upfurther 2FAsecurity & having an email code sent instead
  • Trusting a deviceoptions for 30your days 
  • events.
  • Deleting/Adding/EditingThese aextra device 
  • options
  • Lostare Authenticatoronly devices 
  • How to reset a device

Section 1. Setting up 2FAavailable for the 1st time on log in 

  • Load FE App 
  • Enter Credentials (Email Addressprivate and Password)secure andplatforms clickthat onrequire "Loglogin.

  • Security

options are as follows:


YouThis is the login process as you currently know it, with no changes. Users will thennot be informedgiven youthe are requiredoption to set up 2FA during the login process.



After going through the standard process of settinginputting uptheir 2FAemail nowand orpassword, have a code emailed to you insteadusers will appear




Tothe option to set up a device; 

  • Scandevice at login, but it is not compulsory. They can opt for 'ask me later' if they don't want to do it at that moment, or they can select 'don't ask me again' in which cse this screen will never appear again when logging into the QRapp.


    For setting up a device, please see the option for usng an authentication app below.


    Email verification

    This option means that 2FA is required, however front-end users can choose between an authentication app, or verification via a code orbeing manuallysent enterto thetheir 16email.


    If they choose to receive a code, then a 6-digit code (sometimeswill referredbe sent to astheir aemail KEY)which they will need to input before proceeding:


    N.B. They have the option to turst the device for 30 days, to save doing this on each login should they wish.

    If they chose an authentication app, then please see the steps below for using youran authenticator app 


    Authenticator Appapp

    It yourwill personalbe device 

  • mandatory
for users to set up an 2FA via an authenticator app in order to log in. As soon as their email and password have been input, they will be presented with this screen:


Common authenticator Apps; 

  • Authy
  • Microsoft Authenticator 
  • Google Authentictor 
  • LastPass
  • OTP

Once you have either scanned the QR code or entered the 16 digit number manually, you will then be provided with a 6 digit one time code to enter into the next screen on the App. 

*Note;N.B. The 6 digit code is valid for 60 seconds (Your authenticator App will issue a new code after this time has expired)


EnterAs with email verification 

Most people will be familiar with Authentication apps, but for anyoe who hasn't used oe before, you can point them in the 6direction digitof codethese common ones:

  • Authy
  • Microsoft Authenticator 
  • Google Authentictor 
  • LastPass
  • OTP


Managing Your Devices

On the front end, you can have more than one device for authentication. To manage your devices you need to go to the top-right profile menu and click "Next" 'my account'.

You will now be logged into the App. 

Section 2. Skipping setting up a 2FA device and have an email code sent instead 

  • Click on "Email me a code" and then check your email inbox


  • Enter the 6 digit code which has been emailed toThere you and then click "Next" 


You will now be logged into the App. 

Section 3. Trusting a device for 30 days 

You can choose to "Trust" this device for 30 days by selecting the option to do so. 


You can manage your 2FA device associated with your App via "My Account" which can be found in the right-hand side menu. 


Section 4. Deleting/Adding/Editing a device 

You can;can: 

  • Edit your devicesdevice name
  • DeleteAdd or Remove a device 
  • View when a device was added to the account
  • Add new device (If no device is already added and or deleted) 





Section 5. Lost Authenticator Device 


If youa havedelegate lostloses atheir authentication device, clickthey onwill need to contact you as the "Ievent have lost my authenticator device" link 


You will then be prompted with the following message; 


Section. 6 Howorganiser to reset ait device 

  • Logthem.


    To CMSdo withthis, youryou credentialsjust (Emailneed Addressto find their profile in the people library, and Password)

  • then
  • Clickscroll ondown "Libraries"
  • all


  • Clickway onto "Peoplethe Module"


  • Select Personbottom and click on‘reset authenticator devices’. This will remove the "Edit"attached icon 
  • device
from their account and allow them to set one up again from scratch.


  • Scroll Down 
  • Click on "Reset Authenticator devices"