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In person, hybrid, virtual, web and native comparison


The primary difference between the web based version and native app is how users access the platform. The web based version is accessible via a custom URL whereas the native app is downloaded from the Apple app store or Google Play Store.

A major benefit of the CrowdComms platform is that the interface is identical across the web and native version and there is one admin dashboard to upload and edit content. There is no duplication of work and the user experience is consistent regardless of users preferred method of access. This ensure users who access the platform on desktops pre event are comfortable with the user interface when they download the native app for access onsite at in person events. This is essential for hybrid events to allow your remote audience accessing the desktop version to have the same experience as the in person audience on mobile phones. 

There are subtle differences in terms of the features available. A notable difference is push notifications which is a feature of native apps and therefore not available on the web based version. If you opt to stick with web which many clients do for ease and due to the consistent user experience, you still have the ability to send pop up alerts in platform and email alerts to ensure your attendees are up to speed with the latest information. 

What's the difference between the hybrid / virtual platform and in person platform? 

The platform itself is the same and built using the same admin dashboard. The primary difference in feature set is that the hybrid / virtual platform comes with the session video player with engagement interface to allow remote audience to participate in real time with streamed sessions. Hosting for the live streams is also supported for this version of the platform.  

The in person platform comes at a lower price point due to the support and running costs being lower for an in person platform where data costs related to hosting a stream are removed. 

Feature(s) Hybrid / Virtual Platform (Web based) Native add on (Same platform accessed via app stores) 
Customisation YesYes
Custom URLYesNo
Security SettingsYesYes
Push Notifications NoYes
In Platform email alerts and notifications YesYes
App store listing with custom app name and brandingNoYes
Session video player with engagement panelYesYes
Stream hostingYesYes
Video playerYesYes
Personalised schedulesYesYes
Round table discussion roomsYesNo
Zoom breakout integration YesYes
Speaker profilesYesYes
Attendee profilesYesYes
1-2-1 private chat messagingYesYes
1-2-1 private video callsYesNo
Company profilesYesYes
Sponsor opportunitiesYesYes
Event informationYesYes
Floor plansYesYes
Google mapsYesYes
Social mediaYesYes
Activity feed / social wall YesYes
Live pollingYesYes
Session feedback


Gamification YesYes
Analytics and reportingYesYes