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App - Full Content Management Service Level Agreement (Australia only)

  1. CrowdComms will upload the first draft of the agenda within five (5) working days unless otherwise advised.

  2. Upload other content/action changes within forty-eight(48) hours of receiving unless otherwise advised.

  3. Once the first draft of content is loaded, CrowdComms will confirm via email and attach the relevant spreadsheets for making changes.

  4. CrowdComms and client will agree a final date for the submission of changes and the client will send through the updated CrowdComms templates on that date for upload.

  5. Acknowledge emails within one (1) business day.

  6. If the client uses the CrowdComms design service, we will upload and brand the app and facilitate one (1) further update once signed off by the client.

  7. CrowdComms will supply up to two (2) hours of phone/ online Content Management System (CMS) training to ensure that the client is proficient in making edits/ additions in the CMS.

Client Will:

  1. Ensure ALL content will be sent by one authorised client contact.

  2. Ensure all content data is correct and signed off internally prior to sending to CrowdComms.

  3. Provide brand guidelines where applicable.

  4. Provide design assets.

  5. Supply all content on or before the agreed date. The agreed date will be confirmed on the initial Kick-Off call

  6. Supply content and changes to content by email or other agreed method (i.e. FTP / Dropbox etc.)

  7. Proof and approve all content and app setup before launch.

Please Note

  • Content (other than images) cannot be accepted in PDF.

  • Where possible brand assets should be provided in a vector format or as high resolution bitmaps.

  • Content is loaded as supplied.

  • We do not proof-read content before/after it is loaded.

  • Client will be required to complete a Client App Sign Off Form before the app goes live.

  • Native apps require three (3) weeks for the submission process.

  • All projects require and internal quality assurance check. This check is carried out by a designated member of our QA team.

  • In all instances the client will be required to sign off projects before going live.