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Multi-Lingual: Live Stream Production

Managing a Multi-Lingual Live Stream

CrowdComms in house production only support English live streams. For multi-lingual stream requirements, we work with production partners who have experience in this field. If you have a preferred production partner who can manage streams in multiple languages, we can work with them to achieve a seamless user experience.

  • Users on first access will select their preferred language to navigate the platform - View Multi-Lingual Platform Overview
  • When users select the agenda, they will have the option to choose which language to watch the live stream in, refer to two available options below
  • The production company managing the live stream will need to output a different version of the stream in each required language with relevant audio playing
  • The CrowdComms platform will automatically create stream keys for each session. Each session including those relating to the different languages will have a unique stream key and stream ID
  • The production company will stream the relevant language live stream to the unique stream key and stream ID relating to that language version of the session

Option one: User selects which language version of the agenda they would like to watch the live stream in when clicking into the session


Option two: User selects which language version of the specific session they are in


Stream Keys: Production company will be able to use the unique stream keys generated per session. Allowing the correct language version of the stream to be output onto the correct version of the session