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The Agenda displays a list of Sessions in date order to let app users see what's happening at what time during your event to plan their schedule. App users can favourite sessions to build their own schedule within the app. It's possible to use PersonalisedSession AgendasVisibility to only show certain sessions to certain users. You can have multiple agendas within a single app.

PersonalisedSession AgendasVisibility

When adding Sessions to an Agenda using either the Dashboard or via an Excel Template, there is an option in the "Other" tab of the Dashboard Session Creation screen and in the Excel Template to choose "Allowed People"People" and "Allowed Groups"Groups"

Leaving the "Allowed People"People" and "Allowed Group"Group" fields blank when adding a session tells the app to make the session viewable to all app users. 

As soon as contentsomething is added to the "Allowed People" or "Allowed Groups" field for a session, only those users specified will be able to see that session. 

It is possible to have some sessions viewable to everyone in the app by leaving the "Allowed People" and "Allowed Groups" fields empty for those sessions, whilst some other sessions Personalisedare personalised so only certain People or Groups can see them. This lets you build a very powerful Agenda.Agenda, with some public and some private sessions.

Interactive Sessions

If your app has any Live Polls, Surveys or Q&As within it, you can link them to sessions so the interactive elements appear right on the Session Page. To do this, in the Dashboard, edit the session you'd like to add interactivity to and go to the "Other" tab. From there, select the Survey, Q&A or Live Poll which you'd like to link to the session and press Save. 

Session Filters

If your event has multiple streams or categories of session, it's possible to create a number of filters such as "Plenary", "Breakouts", "Refreshments" which can then be applied to a list of sessions. When browsing the agenda in the app, users can then filter down a large agenda by these terms to more easily browse.

It's possible to have parent and child filters.

FavouritedFavourite Sessions

App users can 

Agenda Fun Facts

  • Sessions are listed in order of date primarily, then alphabetically by Session Title. If you'd like to adjust the order of multiple sessions with the same start date and time, you must be creative with the Session Title.