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Alerts let you send out notifications to your delegates during an event to keep them updated on schedule changes, or encourage them to visit certain sessions for example. They are a great way to keep your attendees fully up to date with your event, and drive engagement with things like surveys or activity feeds.

Alerts can be sent as in-app popups, emails and native notifications (if you have distributed your app as a native build via the app stores).

Preparing alerts

To start creating alerts, visit the 'Alerts' section in the dashboard by clicking the icon in the dashboard toolbar. From here you can view any alerts that have already been sent out, or create a new alert.

Enter a title and some text for your alert in the boxes provided, you can elect to send your alert at a pre-scheduled time in the future or send it immediately. We recommend setting up alerts in advance wherever possible, so that the copy can be checked, or any last minute changes added before it goes out to your attendees. You can click the checkboxes underneath the description to decide how you want to send your alert. If you elect to send it as a native notification, you'll need to enter a 'plain text' version of your alert, as native notifications don't support formatting like bold or italic text.

Deciding who will receive the alert.

You can choose to send the alert to all users of your app, or a select few by assigning groups to the alert. If you decide to send it to a selection of groups, then those people will need to have signed in to the app at least once in order to receive the notification.

If you don't specify any groups, then the alert will go out to all users of your app, regardless of whether they have logged in or not.

For native notifications, users will need to have confirmed that they wish to receive native notifications from your app when they first open it. If they decline this permission then the app cannot deliver native notifications to that user.

Alerts sent via email will go out to any designated attendees regardless of whether they have logged into the app yet and can be especially useful for pre-event communication. They follow the same rules as other alert types, so will go to all your attendees if you don't specify and specific groups in the alert settings.