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Custom Email Domains

The CrowdComms event app and registration give you the ability to send emails using your own custom email domain. This enhancement allows for a more personalised and professional touch in your communications, directly aligning with your brand's identity.

By leveraging your own email domain, you not only boost your brand's visibility and credibility but also improve email deliverability, ensuring that your messages reach your audience's inbox, not their spam folder.

Without setting up a custom email domain, emails sent from the CrowdComms app and registration suite will be sent from

CrowdComms Setup

After purchasing your domain, head over to the email masking section on the app details page and enter your custom domain.


Your custom email sender domain can be a either a normalroot domain (e.g. or a subdomain,subdomain either will work.(

After saving the form, you will see an icon that let's you know the domain isn't fully set up yet. We'll fix that in the next step!

Next, click the button that says "Download DNS Records"Records. It will download a file on to your computer that will be usedimported in to your DNS provider settings.

DNS Provider Setup

For this example, we will be using Cloudflare. However, you can use whichever DNS provider that you choose.

You'll want to select your domain from the list, and head over to the DNS records section.


From here, click on the import and export option, and upload your DNS records downloaded from CrowdComms in to the file uploader.


After the file has been successfully uploaded, that's all you need to do in your DNS provider settings.

Please note: If you want to change your custom email domain, you will need to remove the records added above and download a new set of DNS records to upload to your DNS provider.

Final Steps

The last thing to do is to wait. These changes may take up to 15 minutes to come in to effect, but they usually only take around 5 minutes to activate.

To check whether your custom email domain has been successfully linked, you can do so via the CMS in the same place that you added your custom domain. By clicking the Check Email Validity button, the app will confirm whether your new domain is now active. If everything was set up successfully, you should see the red cross turn in to a green check, and receive a success notification stating that your custom email sender address is now active. All emails sent to delegates from the CrowdComms application will now be sent using your custom email address.