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Group Management

There are a few ways to manage People Groups in the CC platform:

  • Manually using the Dashboard
  • Using the People Excel template
  • Using the Group Excel template

Group Excel Template Management

In the CC March release, we added the ability to manage People and their Groups by importing and exporting an Excel template.

The format of the Excel document is as below:

Group NameGroup NameGroup Name...
email or aliasemail or aliasemail or alias
email or or or alias...

The group names are in the top row, and the list of users who are to be in each group are listed below, one item per cell.

Any email address or alias which is in the Group Template, but doesn't match a Person in the app's database will be ignored by the importer.

Note: whilst both People Template management of Group importing / exporting and Group Template management of Group importing / exporting are both fully working and inter-operable at the same time, it's important to remember to treat the data in the CC platform as the "truth" once an import has taken place. It's possible to overwrite data if you import an old template file to the platform after changes have been made.

In short, be sure to export from the platform immediately before any changes are made, and immediately re-import once those changes have been made.