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Platform frameworks and tools our development team use

Front end (User view)
  • Framework: Angular 15
  • Ionic 5: Provides UI/design framework for native and web application
  • Ably: Leveraged for messages, engagement, real time pushes, this is applied across the front end, CMS and back end.¬†
  • Legacy CMS: (Used to build the event platform): Currently Angular JS and Angular 9
  • New CMS: (currently running alongside legacy) Angular 14
Back end (Database management and orchestrating output on the front end) 
  • Django 3.2.17 transitioned in 2022
  • Platform is hosted on AWS, Frankfurt Data Centres
  • Breakout video meetings and 1-2-1 video calls run on designated servers¬†
  • Stream / Video Player runs on combination of AWS, Google Cloud and Akamai

Associate Terminology