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Step five: Libraries


A good place to start is uploading your people groups and associated profile information. Users have controls at login to choose if they would like to be visible in the platform and to update their profile. 

You have the option to manually add people one at a time or bulk import via csv or excl.


Templates are available and custom fields allow you to build upon the default options that include first name, last name, email, job title and company. 

Creating and allocating users to groups allows you to personalise what they can see on the home page, menu and in the agenda. You can also send targeted comms to specific groups. 

Import options.png

Important: Integration options are available to automatically transfer your approved platform users from registration or other systems. Discuss your requirements with your account manager or support manager to confirm the best option available. 

Once you've imported your users, you can go back to the modules section and choose which groups appear in each 'People module'.

people module groups.png

You will also be able to select at module level, who can see this section. 

module privacy_.png


The companies tab gives you the same option to add manually or bulk import. You can also invite your sponsors and exhibitors to self edit their company profiles.

You will need to create their profile (Name only) and link a main representative first. 

Add company_.png

company rep.png

Videos and Documents

These both work in the same way, simply drag and drop the files to be available to link into various areas of the platform. 

docs and video import.png

Linking library content to modules:

  1. Go to the relevant module (Company display, people display, engagement display i.e. live polls, Q&A, Game) 
  2. Choose from the available options to determine what appears i.e. 'All people or 'Specific groups' 

people module groups.png

Engagement: Live Polls

1. Create as many live polls as you need to link to sessions. 

live polls.png

2. Create all your poll questions, customise the there, and choose which question to make live for delegates to vote on in platform. In this same section you can launch the live display to show the results update in real time on the branded display. 

manage poll.png

session poll 1.png

Live poll 2.png

Engagement: Q&A

1. Create as many Q&A sections as you need to link to sessions.  

Q&A list.png

2. You will be able to manage the Q&A during your event in the same section in the manage tab. This provides options for moderation, speaker view and a live display.

Q&A manage.png