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Client Managed Content Service Level Agreement (Self Build)

Our service level agreement outlines the services included with your platform license and your responsibilities. By utilising our included services and ensuring you own the points outlined as client requirements, ensures a seamless experience and most importantly a great event.  

Please ensure you have read and understood this document before starting work on a new project. 

Services included: 
  • The CrowdComms Content Management System (CMS) is incredibly intuitive, and you will have access to our comprehensive step by step guide to setting up your event platform along with an extensive library of docs and tutorial videos to help you along the way. 

  • Further support is available via a live chat desk which is accessible directly from the CMS. You can contact our highly trained support staff with any questions or queries. Support hours on the live chat desk are 0900-1730hrs Monday-Friday. 

  • Our support team can also be contacted via telephone during the same hours as above.

  • CrowdComms will provide templates for content available for download from the CrowdComms dashboard (CMS). 

  • CrowdComms will provide access to some generic HTML email templates that can be used to promote the platform. Please note, this is a templated email and you will be responsible for producing custom emails should the template not be suitable for your specific requirements. You will also be responsible for sending the email. Example

Client responsibilities and considerations: 

  • Client will complete project kick off form. CrowdComms cannot initiate the platform for you until this is completed.

  • Changes in scope outside of the brief agreed with Account Manager before project kick off will need to be discussed with the Account Manager. Any changes to scope of work may result in additional costs and depending on what the change to scope involves, this may not be achievable within previously agreed timelines. 

  • Client will use the in-built page builder in the CMS to apply branding and design assets to the platform. If you require a bespoke design outside of our templates please contact your Account Manager. 

  • Client will upload all content via the CMS. 

  • Client will make all edits and updates via the CMS. 

  • Client will review and approve all content, the platform and complete the project sign off form before promotion.

  • Client will be responsible for a promotion email/onboarding comms to the attendees. Best practise is to send this html email via an email marketing provider i.e. mail chimp. If you do not have access to an appropriate email marketing platform, it will be your responsibility to find an alternative method of promoting the platform.  

  • Client will be responsible for managing communications with end users who have issues accessing the platform - Read more 
  • In all instances the client will be required to complete the project sign off form. If you promote the platform without completing the project sign off form which follows the CrowdComms internal QC check, CrowdComms will not be responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of the setup. 
  • Native apps require three (3) weeks for the submission process. If rejected, resubmissions have the same three (3) weeks submission process. CrowdComms will provide guides to assist the client with setting up app store accounts and CrowdComms will process the submission upon receiving all required assets and invites. CrowdComms are not responsible for delays in the submission that arise from waiting for app store setup or approval.  
  • Client is responsible to share best practices relating to managing streaming if the client opts to manage streaming internally or through external AV / production partner - 

Example timeline, critical path to successful platform delivery 

We recommend allowing twelve (12) weeks to allow sufficient time to comfortably learn the CMS, to upload your event content, for quality control checks to take place and for the platform to be promoted ahead of your event show days allowing for pre-event engagement. The platform can be setup and promoted in shorter timeframes by allocating more time to the build process. We recommend allowing a minimum of six (6) weeks for the entire process.  

 Step One:  

  • Complete the project setup form, provide all required information. 

Step Two:  

  • Work through the step by step guide to familiarise yourself with the CMS and get your platform up and running. 

Step Three:  

  • Upload your event content using the handy CMS templates. Allow 4 weeks to ensure you have sufficient time to upload all required content utilising the content and engagement modules on the CMS.  

Step Four:   
  • Quality control checks before promoting the platform to your users. Make sure you thoroughly test the platform. It is very common to make changes to content up and even during the event. Content changes managed by the client with CrowdComms support can continue to happen after the QC has taken place.  

  • As part of the QC check, CrowdComms will recommend improvements where appropriate. 

Step Five: Show Days and live event support.  
  • The steps outlined above will ensure the platform is setup in line with our best practices for a successful event.  

  • The self-service CMS, live chat and training materials provided pre-event will ensure you are well placed to manage the expected changes.  

  • CrowdComms offer show day support specialists at £1000 per day / per resource. If you opt for this level of support, the allocated support will be at your disposal on show days and act as an extension of your team. Responsibilities will include managing platform changes, engagement features and sending alerts. 

  • Standard show day support includes live chat and our support team contactable on (+44) 01258 863812 between 9am and 5.30pm UK time.   

  • If you have opted for CrowdComms managed streaming service, further detail can be found Here.