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CrowdComms Managed Live Stream Service Level Agreement


Our service level agreement outlines the services included with our managed live stream service and your responsibilities. By utilising our included services and ensuring you own the points outlined as client requirements, ensures a seamless experience and most importantly, a great event. 

To provide guidance and work collaboratively with your event organisers and speakers to ensure they have the support required to deliver a seamless live stream to your virtual event. 

Services included:

  • Distribute virtual meeting guide, answer related questions and recommend best practice

  • Distribute speaker guide to the client, answer related questions and recommend best practice.

  • Join call with event organisers and explain the key milestones and tasks required to run a successful virtual meeting

  • Join one hour speaker briefing call with the speakers to check audio and visual quality, that they are comfortable sharing their screen (if applicable) and explain/ demonstrate how the engagement functionality (Q&A, Live Polling) will work on show days

  • Provide templates for the running order and work collaboratively with event organisers to ensure everything goes seamlessly on show days.

  • Provide templates for how to submit assets for the required streamed sessions and collate these into required format to be used by the live stream technician.

  • Determine which sessions have Q&A and or live polling and ensure these are built into the relevant sessions and all relevant links added to the running order.

      Client responsibilities and considerations:

      • Client will complete Project Sign Off form acknowledging having read and agreed to the Service Level Agreement..

      • Client will ensure that they have prepared the agenda in accordance with the document "Planning your virtual agenda".

      • Client will read all provided documentation and ask questions where required with the aim of ensuring you have a solid understanding of the process. 

      • Client will arrange for all speakers/ chairs/ moderators/ panelists  to participate in a one (1) hour pre-event technical check call. If the CrowdComms project manager is required to attend multiple technical check calls it will be invoiced at £200 per hour. (additional costs can be avoided by recording your initial technical check call and providing it to those that were unable to attend).

      • Client will provide all assets and running order in agreed templates at least five (5) working days before the first day of the event. Changes to the running order will need to be discussed with project manager to ensure these are manageable within the time frame. 

      • Failure to provide the required information at least five (5) working days before the first day or to changing agreed running order without discussion will impact the success of the event.

      • If you require assistance outside of office hours or are not able to provide running order at least five (5) working days before first event day, please discuss with your Account Manager at earliest opportunity to discuss additional support packages. 
      • Client or event organiser will be responsible for ensuring that all speakers have the correct links for the virtual studio as well as any Q&A and/ or live poll links and that arrive at the virtual studio at the pre-agreed time. 

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