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CrowdComms Registration: Managed Build


Our service level agreement outlines the services included with your platform license and your responsibilities. By utilising our included services and ensuring you own the points outlined as client responsibilities, ensures a seamless experience and mostly importantly a registration that meets the agreed scope and delivers to the key success metrics discussed. 

Please ensure you have read and understood this document before starting work on a new project. 

Useful Resources
What's Included
  • CrowdComms will allocate a named Event Project Manager for the duration of the project. The standard package offers twenty (20) hours of dedicated support which we will monitor, if you feel you will require more than this other support packages are available. Please contact your Account Manager for more details. 

  • A wider support team will be available to assist should your allocated contact be unavailable for any extended period of time. 

  • CrowdComms include a limited design service to take your assets and apply these to the platform. Details of what assets are required are outlined here, and a content plan will be shared to provide assets and / or brand guidelines. 

  • Your allocated support manager will schedule a kick off meeting to take place within five (5) working days of being introduced by the account manager.

  • Your allocated support manager will schedule weekly review calls to ensure project timelines are met. Please refer to client responsibilities to ensure you are dong your part to keep the project on track.

  • CrowdComms will respond to emails within one (1) business day answering questions, outlining next steps or requesting more information where appropriate.

  • CrowdComms will provide templates to allow you to add content in the required format. These templates can be accessed via the project SharePoint folder. These templates are also available for download from the CrowdComms dashboard (CMS).

  • CrowdComms will advise on realistic turnaround times upon receiving content. If content is provided within agreed templates, this content will be uploaded within five (5) business days. 

  • CrowdComms will upload the first draft of the content, using the data provided in the SharePoint file. CrowdComms will then export the data from the CMS and add to the SharePoint file for the client to add/edit/delete

  • CrowdComms will then upload the remaining data from SharePoint once the client has confirmed via email that the content is finalised and signed off for publishing.

  • Once platform content is loaded, training will be provided to enable the client to manage ongoing changes.  

  • CrowdComms will deliver One (1) hour of Content Management System (CMS) training via Teams. If you are not able to use Teams, we can provide training on your video conference solution of choice however you will be responsible for setting up the call. 

  • CrowdComms will provide ongoing email and telephone support throughout the project lifecycle.

  • CrowdComms will offer support via our live chat service available on the CMS.

  • CrowdComms will complete a quality control check before you are sent the project sign off form. Upon completion of the sign off form, the platform will be ready for promotion. 

  • CrowdComms will provide a custom domain for your platform, up to the value of £25.

  • If you need assistance outside of office hours we have a number of additional support packages to suit your requirements. Please discuss with your Account Manager. 

Client Responsibilities & Considerations
  • Changes in scope outside of the brief agreed with Account Manager before project kick off will need to be discussed with the Account Manager. Any changes to scope of work may result in additional costs and depending on what the change to scope involves, this may not be achievable within previously agreed timelines. 

  • Client will make all efforts to condense support requests into one email where possible.  

  • Client will provide brand guidelines and design assets where required to assist with the platform design setup. 

  • Client will provide all content in agreed templates and will proofread content before sending to CrowdComms. 

  • CrowdComms upload content as provided.  

  • Once content is loaded, client will make ongoing edits including show day updates via the CMS. 

  • Client will review and approve all content, the platform and complete the project sign off form before promotion.  

  • Client will be responsible for managing communications with end users who have issues accessing the platform, with support provided by CrowdComms to the client.

  • In all instances the client will be required to complete the project sign off form. If you promote the platform without completing the project sign off form which follows the CrowdComms internal QC check, CrowdComms will not be responsible for any issues that may arise as a result of the setup.