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Comprehensive registration Service Level Agreement

We offer a user friendly, templated registration solution that is customisable to replicate your brand. Requirements for registration can vary significantly and below SLA is based on a typical managed registration requirement: 

  • Branded intro email using existing templates
  • Custom url for the registration platform 
  • Integration to seamlessly transfer registrants into the CrowdComms event app, hybrid platform
  • Branded registration website using existing templates
    • Includes home, agenda, speakers, sponsors and register page
  • Data capture built around your requirements including logic to ensure registrants only see relevant questions
  • Ticketing and payments. Please note, payment processing requires using or setting up your own account with one of the approved providers such as stripe 
  • Branded confirmation email using existing templates
  • Admin access to reporting dashboard to see the latest registrant data 
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Registration setup 

We recommend allowing four (4) weeks as a minimum to get your registration setup. Quicker turnaround is possible depending on availability of resources, discuss shorter turnaround options with your account manager. 

Important: Delays to providing content or multiple rounds of changes will result in the process taking longer. 

Your allocated Support Specialist will provide a Sharepoint folder to provide the required assets and details outlined below. Once content is received, your allocated support will advise time to get uploaded to the platform. This can vary depending on scope of the content. 10 working days is a guide between all content provided and it being ready for initial review.

We provide training to enable you to manage ongoing changes once the site is built. If you prefer for us to manage ongoing updates, discuss this with your account manager at project scope stage. Time to implement updates will depend on the nature of request i.e. simple changes, we aim to update with one (1) working day. Multiple updates or large data uploads will take longer,  your allocated support manager will advise once they have reviewed content. 

Once we have uploaded the bulk of the content, we will schedule a review call and provide training to allow you to make real time edits to content as needed. The aim here, is to empower you to have control over tweaks that are needed straight away. 

General Requirements: 
  • Preferred URL for the registration site (Must be available)
Required Design assets: 
  • Logo: 300 pxls width x 60 pxls height (jpeg)
    • Appears to the left of the top navigation menu
  • Secondary Logo: 192 pxls width x 192 pxls (jpeg)
    • To be used as the favicon (appears in the actual browser tab)
      Screenshot 2022-07-22 182107.png
      This image will also be used as the Apple Touch icon should iPhone users save the site to their home screen.
  • Cover image: 1920 pxls width x 720 pxls height (jpeg)
    • Appears on the landing page with your event name and register button profiled on top
  • Secondary cover image: 1920 pxls width x 240 pxls height (jpeg) 
    • Appears at the top of the registration form page
  • Email header: 619 pxls width, height can vary (jpeg) 
    • Appears at the top of both invitation and confirmation email
  • Brand guidelines or hex code for primary, secondary and further supporting colours where appropriate
    • Used to brand the top navigation menu, register button and text 
Required Details: 
  • Event Name
  • Overview text: 2500 characters max (Text only) 
  • Registration form questions refer to 'Register Form' above
  • Text to appear in confirmation message: 1000 characters max (Text only)
  • Confirmation email subject: Defaults to 'Registration to {%event_name%}'
  • Text to appear in confirmation email: 1000 characters max (Text only)
  • Include users registration responses in confirmation email: Yes/No 
Content pages: 
  • Advise which menu options (the tabs at the top) you will need, these will be named in line with your requirements.
  • Provide the content such as agenda, speakers and sponsors in excel format if possible. For simple agenda's, word document is acceptable.
  • Ensure any images that need to be displayed are included on sharepoint folder and named accordingly

Live reporting will be available via the dashboard. This includes the details captured from registration and breakdown of who has and hasn't registered. You can export reports based on registration status i.e. who hasn't registered to target these users with additional rounds of promotion via your email marketing platform. Additional rounds of promotion are not included within the registration light package.