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Streaming technician

CrowdComms offer production services to deliver your event session streams. The show day streaming technicians work closely with Production Manager assigned to support the Managed Live Stream Service. Our highly experienced team will ensure you are in safe hands and will provide expert guidance on best practise resulting in the best possible output for attendees to watch and engage with on the event platform. 


  • Allocated streaming technician for your show days
  • Following the running order agreed between you and your assigned Production Manager, our streaming technician will ensure the layouts and transitions between various content is seamless
  • Engagement features including polling and Q&A will be shown at appropriate times with the live results embed within the stream if agreed in running order to do so
  • Manage combination of pre recorded and live content, following your agreed running order
  • Run audio check with your speakers (where running order allows this) before they go live. Technical briefing before the event with your allocated Production Manager ensures your speakers are up to speed with what to expect. This is outlined in the Managed Live Stream Service.
  • Where necessary, manage technical issues that may arise relating to the stream to limit disruption. All streaming technicians use approved hardware, hard wired internet connection (speed tested), backup WiFi router and we have "Superman" on call / backup streaming technician to cover any scenario where the other measures aren't sufficient. This is very rare but we understand how important every session is and aim to cover all scenarios. 

Please note: Expenses including travel, accommodation and sustenance are invoiced post event with receipts, or at agree per diem rate. Only applicable when technician attends your event or other location.