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Sponsor and Exhibitor Exposure

  • CC-Sponsorship 21.pdf highlighting sponsor and exhibitor exposure opportunity attached in left hand menu

  • Include sponsor(s) logo's on the home screen linked to a sponsor profile 

  • Create banner adverts on the left hand navigation menu that link to a sponsor profile - View company profiles
  • Banner adverts will rotate every 5 seconds and you can build as many sponsor / exhibitor banner adverts as you need
  • Banner adverts will be visible in the menu on every page
  • Alerts that pop up directing users to sponsor profile and outlining special offers
  • Include sponsor slide or short video at beginning and / or end of streams
  • Allow your sponsor to have allocated spot in the agenda to present their offering 
  • Allow your sponsor to run daily round table discussion
  • Sponsor and exhibitor profiles include; logo, bio (video's can be iframed into bio), social media links, documents and representatives available for contact
  • Representatives will be the people that traditionally were avaialble at exhibitor stands at events. In virtual space, these users can be contacted through private 1-2-1 chat or 1-2-1 video calls
  • Reporting available to quantify exposure received 

Opportunity to showcase sponsor profiles in the left hand menu, on the home screen and include a sponsor welcome video on the home screen ensuring your sponsors are seen at every opportunity. 


Multiple sponsors profiled on home screen:


Pop up alerts linked to sponsors. These can include images. 


Include sponsor slide or short video at the beginning and end of streams linked to sessions. You can also include a sponsor logo that is visible on the stream at all times.


Create menu options for different categories of sponsors or exhibitors. Search functionality allows users to search by name or key word to find companies they are interested in.


Sponsor and exhibitor profiles - View company profiles



Easily contact representatives linked to company profiles from the company page by sending them a chat message or starting a video call all within the platform. 

Option to keep the video call above platform


Or go full screen and share screen 


1-2-1 chats to communicate with users who aren't currently online or for those who prefer not to discuss on a call straight away