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Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements for the various services provided by CrowdComms.


Options to integrate with your exiting registration platform or find out more about supported registration platforms.

Analytics and Reporting

Your CrowdComms support manager will supply you with detailed post event analytics once your event has finished. This section outlines the available analytics and reporting for the CrowdComms platform and live streaming. Please note: In order for the e...

Engagement and Networking

Breakdown of the features and opportunities to facilitate engagement and networking before, during and after your event.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Overview of the sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities within the CrowdComms platform.


CrowdComms multi-lingual platform and multi-lingual live stream production options.

Development & Release Highlights

Overview of CrowdComms development structure, upcoming roadmap and highlights of past releases.

Pricing Explained

Explanation of the available pricing options and specific line items.

Pronto! Kiosks

First impressions definitely count and with our Pronto! kiosks you’ll delight your attendees on arrival with a lightning fast and easy to use self-printing badge solution

Lead Capture

Maximise the commercial outcomes from an event and accelerate the exhibitor sales process.

Elements Platform

The Elements Event Platform is a native app solution with wayfinding and meeting booking. This is not part of the CrowdComms platform and functionality can't be used from the CrowdComms platform within Elements and vice versa.

Platform Guide: Step by step

Video guides and step by step instructions for the wider CrowdComms platforms.