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Onsite film production

  • Ensure your physical and remote audience enjoy the same high-quality production experience no matter how they attend your event

  • A dedicated on-site team to ensure your livestream will be the same high quality as your on-stage production

  • Multiple camera angles to give your remote audience a sleek and well-delivered broadcast

  • Livestream fed directly back into your event platform, enabling remote and live audiences to participate in the same engagement features in real-time

  • Rehearsal time with your event speakers so they can factor the remote audience into their presentation

  • Communication with your AV team to coordinate the audio and visual elements of production

  • Pre-event set up day with our on-site team to confirm livestream logistics and prepare for a seamless broadcast

Production Package: What's included? 
  • The setup 

    • Main auditorium will have 3 cameras

    • 2 technicians for on-site set up and delivery

    • Control deck

    • Streaming equipment

    • Optional camera configuration across single or multiple rooms

    • Live streaming to remote audiences

    • Optional on-site event management specialist

  • The output 

    • Simultaneous filming from 3 different camera angles

    • Professional stream direction from the control deck

    • High quality 1080p stream

    • Single camera for concurrent streams or multiple camera for

      single sessions

    • Output via the platform for virtual audience or physical

      attendees via the app

    • High-quality production including transitions, picture in picture

      and event and sponsor logos to maximise exposure

    • With the push of a button your content will be available on

      demand for your remote and live audiences to watch after the


    • Ability to download the stream for your own use after the

      platform has closed

Onsite live stream technician 
  • Experienced resource(s) managing the setup and delivery of onsite filming 
  • Minimum of two resources for the standard setup and additional resources available for three or more parallel sessions and other complex requirements 
  • Your AV team will be in control of the audio output, sound checks and lighting
  • We will integrate with the existing onsite teams to configure audio output forWe will plan our involvement ahead of time with any organisation that you will be working with

  • If the event has displays set up, we can work with AV teams to feed a broadcast back to be shown throughout the venue

  • If needed we can take a feed of presentations or VT's from the AV team

  • Our recommended approach is that we coordinate your remote speakers. We will then vision mix to include branding assets, logos and sponsors before feeding to AV teams to display on big screens at the event

Transport, accommodation, sustenance and logistics
  • Price will vary depending on location and number of technicians 
  • We do not add margin to these costs. The aim is only to cover costs incurred delivering agreed services