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1-2-1 Video Calls

  • Starting a video call is the same process as sending a chat message. Users have option to search the attendee list and select the attendee you wish to network with providing the chosen to opt-in to the relevant feature. 
  • In the attendee list view includes online / offline indicators showing who is available to be contacted via video call. 
  • Users also have the option to search sponsors and exhibitors and request a video call with online representatives - View further detail on sponsor and exhibitor exposure
  • Upon sending a video call request, the other attendee will receive a pop up which they can accept, decline or block user from contacting them again. 
  • If an attendee accepts the video call, this will open in a pop up and can be expanded as a new window whilst pulling through the platform branding and both users will appear on screen similar to other video conference solutions. 
  • Screen share options allow both users to present where appropriate. 
  • Please note: 1-2-1 video calls are not included in standard package. 
User requirements
  • Users will need to be using up to date version of their browser 

  • Latest versions of Chrome, FireFox, Edge (Chromium) and Safari 14+ are supported

  • On IOS devices, Safari is the only supported browser

  • Older browsers including Internet Explorer are not supported

Incoming video call:


Upon accepted video call request: 


Click join call to move into the 1-2-1 encrypted video call. Option for pop up to appear over platform or go to full screen: 



Screen share allows both participants to present where required: