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Live Polling

  • Live polling allows real time engagement between your speaker(s) presenting and the audience.
  • Create slides into the speaker presentation deck with the polling question and possible answers.
  • These polls are replicated on the CrowdComms platform and at the relevant time are made live for users to vote.
  • Live poll results can be captured and displayed when the speaker is ready to review or shown on the live stream with the results updating as votes are submitted.  
  • Common use cases are knowledge check to ensure the audience are paying attention or to get the audiences opinion on an upcoming discussion piece. 
  • Live polls includes a multiple choice question where you determine whether users can vote once, can change their vote after submitting a vote or give the ability to vote multiple times. 
  • Live polling results are customisable to replicate your event branding and include sponsor logo's where appropriate. 
  • Link live polling to an event game by awarding points for each time a user takes part in a live poll or if they get a live poll correct.
  • You can include as many polls as you wish however we recommend limiting the number per session to no more than three (3) live polls. The reason is the speaker has to introduce the poll and take time to expand on the results, value is added through this engagement with the speaker addressing the poll as much as the data captured. You therefore need to allow at least 1 minute for each live poll question. 

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Live Display 

Present the real time results to the main screen. You can customise these in advance, showcasing your event brand or any event sponsors. Change the live display branding from session to session if required. The live display is simply a live web link and can be shown to screen by your AV team or our onsite team using a switch unit to seamlessly transition between the powerpoint slides and live polling results as and when needed. 

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Simple admin controls

Our live polling is designed to empower you or your AV team to self manage with ease. If you prefer for us to be onsite and take care of session engagement, chat to your Account Manger and we'll be happy to help. 

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Option to review the branded results for all live polling questions on the CrowdComms dashboard (CMS) up to six months post event. Screenshots can be taken by admins from the CMS of these branded results. 

A live polling report avaialble for download includes breakdown of all polling responses including which session the live poll is related too, who responded to each live poll and how they responded. Option to create this report with anonymous responses.  

Please note: This data is available in real time and can be downloaded from the CMS at any time up to six months post event.