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Branding & Customising the Registration Form

Adding your Own Brand to the Registration Form

After finalizing your form fields setup, consider enhancing it with your unique branding touch.

To tailor the registration form's branding, head to the Form tab within the designer interface. On the right side, you'll discover comprehensive customization tabs. These allow you to personalize your Header, fine-tune the Page Layout, adjust fonts, and craft engaging messages to connect with your attendees effectively.

Header Tab Overview:

Within this tab, elevate your registration form's allure by uploading and configuring captivating header content aligned with your brand. From the striking Page Title to the engaging Introductory Text and Logo, every element is at your fingertips. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of toggling specific content on or off to align with your design preferences seamlessly.

Once you've curated your content, customise to your heart's content, adjusting parameters such as:

  1. Logo Width: Set the perfect dimensions to ensure your logo shines.
  2. Header Text Color: Infuse your header with the ideal hue to captivate registrants.
  3. Toggle Form Title: Decide whether to showcase the Form Title, and effortlessly control its Font size and weight.
  4. Toggle Form Description: Choose to display the Form Description, and wield control over its Font size and weight.
  5. Header Content Spacing and Alignment: Perfect the visual harmony by adjusting spacing and alignment to suit your aesthetic.

Page Tab Overview:

In the Page tab, you wield the reins to sculpt the layout of your registration form into a seamless journey for your users. Here's what you can do:

  1. Layout Configuration: Tailor the layout to fit your vision perfectly. Whether you prefer a classic design of a single page, section per page or a modern twist of a question per page, the choice is yours.

  2. Background Images: Elevate the visual appeal by applying captivating background images or a background colour. Set the tone with squared, sloped or flat header shape and immerse users in an engaging registration experience.

  3. Additional Elements: Enhance user navigation with features like Display Breadcrumbs. Empower users to track their progress effortlessly through the registration process, ensuring they're always in the loop. Plus, unlock the potential of summary pages to provide a snapshot of their registration details, simplifying the process and instilling confidence.

Text Tab Overview:

In the Text tab,  align your form seamlessly with your event's branding. Here's what you can do:

  1. Font Customisation: Choose fonts that resonate with your event's vibe, ensuring every word reflects your brand's identity.

  2. Color Customisation: Infuse your form with a splash of personality by selecting colors that resonate with your event's theme. Whether you're aiming for bold and vibrant or sleek and sophisticated, the choice is yours.

  3. Contrast Optimisation: Tailor text to stand out on both light and dark backgrounds, ensuring readability and visual appeal across all devices and environments.

Messages Tab Overview:

In the Messages tab, wield the power to craft compelling messages that guide attendees seamlessly through the registration journey. Here's what you can do:

  1. Edit and Format Messaging: Tailor messages to resonate with your audience, ensuring clarity and engagement every step of the way. Whether it's a confirmation message or an email verification prompt, make every interaction count.

  2. Personalisation: Infuse messages with a personal touch to foster a sense of connection with your attendees. Customise content to reflect your brand's tone and values, leaving a lasting impression.

  3. Formatting Options: Elevate the presentation of your messages with formatting options such as font styles, colors, and layout. Ensure consistency with your event's branding while enhancing readability and visual appeal.

With the Messages tab, transform mundane notifications into memorable interactions, enriching the registration experience for your attendees from start to finish.

Please note that these messages will appear on the Registration Site once the registrants have successfully completed the registration form.