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Download Registration Content Plan Including Required Templates: Video Tutorial

Important: If you haven't already done so, please take the time to watch the Overview video as this will give you an idea of where the different content is applied including landing page, registration form and email templates. You should also complete the Essential Tasks before you begin. 

We recommend collating all the required content (or most of it), into the required formats before you start building. You can make real time edits and add additional content at a later date if you need to do so. 


  • If you are on the self build model and already have your content prepared, you can skip this step and go straight to the step by step tutorials to build your registration platform. 
  • For managed build customers, CrowdComms require content in approved formats. If you already have the content prepared, please share with your Account Manager and Support Manager who will review and advise if this is in acceptable format or if it will need to be provided in approved templates.
 Download Content Plan Here  

Please see three videos providing guidance on how to provide content in the approved templates. 

  1. Guidance for settings and landing page templates
  2. Guidance for tickets and registration form
  3. Guidance for email templates 
Guidance for settings and landing page templates
Guidance for tickets and registration form
Guidance for email templates