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Sending Email to Users

When you are happy with your email template, you are now ready to send the email out to the users. 

We have made it simpler to send the Invitation and the Reminder emails as well as additional emails you wish to send to users who have registered. For example, an email providing the registrant, with the direction to the event venue. 

To do this, navigate to the ‘Dashboard’ which can be found in the Management section of the Registration menu. 

At the top of the page, you will see three dashboard tiles displaying namely:

  1. Responded – Displaying the total number of users who have registered the for event.
  2. Not yet invited – Displaying the total number of users who have yet been invited to register.
  3. Not Responded – Displaying the total number of users who have yet to respond to the invitation to register. In other words, users who have been invited but not register. 

To send the invitation email, you must first add the users to the CMS. Click here to learn how to add users to the CMS. 

To identify whether you have users who have not yet been invited to register, refer to the number of the ‘Not yet invited’ tile.

Say you have several users who have not yet been invited, simply click on the ‘Send invite email’ button to invite them to register. 

The same steps apply to sending the Reminder email.

To send an email to the users who have registered for your event, click on the ‘Send bulk email’ button. 

A pop-up will appear where you can either select to draft your email from an existing template or from scratch. Then click ‘Submit’.

The next steps are to set up the subject of the email, to whom the email should be sent and when it should be sent. 

On the recipient's section of this page, you first need to pick the group of users from the People Groups field.

Then on the check box fields, pick the relevant user’s status. The statuses are namely:

  • Users who have not yet been invited
  • Users who were invited but not yet registered
  • Users who have registered 

So for example, if you want to send the accommodation details to the registered VIP, you need to pick VIP from the People group’s field and check the ‘Send to registered users’ check box. 

On the Email Builder section, click the ‘Launch email editor’ button to edit or create an email template. Please refer here to learn how to use the email editor. 

For more information on custom email domains please see here.