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Email Templates Categories

Within the five templates available for Registration emails, there are two distinct categories of email types:

  1. System-Genrated Email
  2. Manual Email
1. System-Generated Email

System Generated Templates are automated email notifications sent to users based on specific actions they perform within the registration form. These templates include Verification, Confirmation, and Not Attending emails.

Event Organisers have the flexibility to enable or disable these templates through the CMS Dashboard, tailoring the communication flow to suit their event's needs.

These emails can also be sent directly by the event admin from the CMS.

i. Verification Email Template

Once activated, the Verification Email template is automatically initiated when a user completes and submits their Public Registration Form. This system-generated email is sent to the registrant's inbox, utilising the email address provided during registration. The email prompts the registrant to verify their email.

ii. Confirmation Email Template

Upon activation, the Confirmation Email template is automatically triggered when a user successfully completes and submits the registration form. This system-generated email serves as confirmation of the registration receipt and commences the processing procedure.

iii. Not Attending Email Template

When users decline an invitation to register and the Not Attending Email template is activated, a system-generated RSVP email is sent. This email serves to acknowledge their decision to decline the invitation.

2. Manual EmailĀ 

Manual Email is a feature that allows the Dashboard admins to send personalised emails directly from the CMS Dashboard. Unlike system-generated emails, which are automated based on user actions, Manual Emails give administrators full control over the recipients and time of the emails.

i. Invitation Email Template

The Invitation Email is a crucial tool for event organisers to engage with users listed in the CMS Dashboard People Library. Admins can personalise these emails using various merge tags tailored to each recipient. Whether including recipient names, event details, RSVP and Decline buttons, admins can craft bespoke invitations that resonate with individuals. By leveraging the customisation options available, admins can effectively encourage active participation in upcoming events and foster meaningful connections.

ii. Reminder Email Template

The Reminder Email template prompts action from users who haven't completed a task, like registering for the event. It's sent as a follow-up to those who received the Invitation Email but haven't responded. Admins can personalise content using merge tags, ensuring relevant messages. Timely reminders boost engagement, encouraging action and enhancing event participation.