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Registration Site Settings

The settings page holds the global configuration for your registration site. You can access this page via the 'Settings' menu option on the left-hand side.

Reg - Setting 1.png

The configuration options on this page are as follows:

  1. Registration Details – In this section, you can configure the title and description for your registration form.
    The page title is a required field. This is the text that appears at the top of your registration form page and also is used to label the tab in your browser. The description text is optional and will appear underneath the page title on the form page.
  2. Registration Capacity – In this section, you can set the maximum amount of registrations that you wish to receive for this event. You can also configure the message that delegates will receive when capacity has been reached. 
  3. Global Branding – In this section, you can pick the font used for your registration site from a vast list of available Google fonts. This font will be applied to both the landing page and the registration form.
  4. Registration Privacy – Here is where you would set the Registration Site privacy. If your registration is set to private, the users will need to use an authenticated link to register. On the other hand, a Public Registration Site will allow anyone with the registration link to register for the event. 
    • When choosing Public Registration, you have the option to enable or disable the verification steps. The default setting for Public Registration requires registrants to verify their email address before completing the registration process. If you disable this setting, registrants can register without having to validate their email address during the registration
  5. Registration Status – Here you can control when people are allowed to register for your event. You can either open and close it manually, or select a predefined opening and closing time by using the 'scheduled' option.
  6. Custom Domains – By adding custom domains, your registration site will be accessible via your own domain, instead of using the CrowdComms domain address. To learn how to add custom domains, please click here.

Reg - Setting 2 No finger Capacity.png

Reg - Setting 3 No finger Capacity.png

Once you’ve finished with the set-up, click ‘Save Changes’.

Reg - Setting 3.png